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Barbecue safety tips

Many people choose to make the most of the warmBarbecueer weather that summer brings and use portable barbecues. The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture wishes to raise awareness of the potential dangers of hot remains from barbecues and that correct disposal will help to leave the Island countryside clean and pleasant for others to enjoy.


If you are thinking of using a barbecue, please bear in mind the following: 

Setting up

Make sure you have a secure, level base. Please help to protect the area by using a stand or by raising the BBQ off the grass with some bricks. Ensure your BBQ is well away from fire risks such as hedges.


Always light the BBQ with the recommended lighters - never use petrol or similar highly volatile fuel. If you are using a gas BBQ and you suspect a leak, turn it off immediately.


Make sure your food is cooked thoroughly - the biggest risk of food poisoning is from raw and undercooked meat.

Put it out

Please use water to carefully extinguish your BBQ and be cautious of the steam this may create.


It is preferable that used disposable BBQs are taken home with you and disposed of in your own bin. However, there may be litter bins nearby for your rubbish. Please ensure that your BBQ is fully extinguished and cold before disposal as warm coals can cause burns or a fire.

Keep children and pets safe

We want children to be able to play safely - please keep children, pets and ball games well away from the BBQ at all times.

Only set up in suitable, safe areas and never leave barbecues unattended.

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