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The Voluntary Landlord Registration Scheme 2013

Following consultation in 2012 the Department of Infrastructure (DoI) has introduced a voluntary scheme for the registration of landlords renting properties in the private sector.

The main purposes of the scheme are:

  • To introduce registration of landlords and their property portfolio
  • To ensure that properties in the private rental sector meet minimum standards for decency of accommodation in terms of state of repair and maintenance
  • To ensure that landlords are operating in a legal and appropriate manner

The DoI has now received feedback from landlords who have already joined the Voluntary Scheme, through the public consultation on the draft Bill and via engagement with the newly formed Manx Landlords Association. As a result some changes have been made to the wording of the minimum standards and guidance to address queries raised and provide greater clarity for Landlords on the requirements of the Scheme. The updated documents can be found on this page. 

Next steps

The DoI will be taking the Landlord and Tenant (Private Housing) Bill through the Branches of Tynwald and following approval it is anticipated that registration will become mandatory from autumn 2014. Further details can be found here. Registration to the Scheme is still currently voluntary which the DoI hopes will give landlords the opportunity to understand the process and test it before registration becomes mandatory. 


Who can apply?

The scheme is open to all landlords operating in the private rental sector of the market in the Isle of Man including individuals, agencies and establishments. This includes:

  • Private sector landlords (i.e. those persons who own accommodation and/or manage the properties)
  • Letting Agents with (i.e. an individual or organisation who takes on the responsibility of managing any aspects of the letting of your properties, such as: allocating tenancies; collecting rent payments; and dealing with repairs.)

What does the scheme comprise of?


The DoI is responsible for the registration of landlords. The period of registration will last for 3 years and involves a simple process of self declaration and self assessment by the landlord against a set of minimum standards. The application form for registration and details of the small fee involved is available to download on this page.


Environmental Health Officers will be responsible for inspection of properties under the Scheme. Inspections will be carried out on receipt of a complaint or on a random audit basis. Inspections will be completed against the agreed minimum standards that apply to landlords upon registration.

What are the proposed standards for registration?

A series of standards will be applied to the landlord and their property/properties. These are contained in the application form.

The standards have been developed in consultation with Environmental Health Officers from the Department of Environment Food and Agriculture, and our partners in the sector and address a basic level of decency of accommodation. The standards also address basic tenancy management issues such as; protection and return of deposits, tenant privacy, and operation within the law. Landlords will have to confirm they meet these standards in order to register and they will be taken into account by Environmental Health Officers in any inspection of a property.

What does it cost to register?

Registration during the voluntary period will be for 3 years, and is offered at a discounted rate of:

  • Application Fee: £50 (per Landlord or Letting Agent)
  • Property Fee: £10 (per each dwelling to be rented)

Full details of the fees are available in the downloadable fees schedule.
Please note: landlords who register under the voluntary scheme will not be required to re-register when the scheme becomes mandatory under the proposed new legislation.

How do I apply?

You can apply by filling in the application form which is available to download on this page and sending it back with the necessary fee.

For help with applying for registration please contact the Public Estates and Housing Division in the Department of Infrastructure on:

Voluntary Landlord Registration Scheme

Housing Division

2nd Floor

Markwell House

Market Street



Telephone:+44 1624 685955

Email:Send Email


Environmental Health

For information on ensuring your property is in satisfactory condition, please contact:

Environment, Safety and Health Directorate

Department of Environment Food & Agriculture

Thie Slieau Whallian

Foxdale Road

St. John’s

IM4 3AS.

Telephone:+44 1624 685894

Landlord and tenant information

Housing Matters is a registered Manx charity who have put together a landlords information pack. There is a small fee for membership, which gives access to their website and downloadable documents which include a standard tenancy agreement, a useable inventory document and documents relating to best practice for retaining and return of tenants deposits, which landlords may find useful.

Manx Landlords

If you would like some support, the Manx Landlords Association is an association that has been set up by Landlords, for Landlords, on the Isle of Man.

You can contact the Secretary for more information on:

Manx Landlords

Email:Send Email


For advice on fire regulations and fire safety within your properties, please contact:

Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service

Department of Home Affairs Headquarters

Tromode Road



Telephone:+44 1624 647300 or +44 1624 647303

Email:Send Email

Legal advice

If you require legal advice, the Isle of Man Law Society can provide a full list of Advocates, please contact:    

Isle of Man Law Society

27 Hope Street



Telephone:+44 1624 662910


Email:Send Email


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