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Neighbour noise problems

Making excessive noise can severely disturb or annoy your neighbours and can become a serious problem. People respond to noise in different ways - what may not feel loud to one person could be loud enough to disturb someone else. A person may not even be aware that the noise they are making is a problem. If that is the case they may be happy to reduce the noise or to come to a suitable arrangement to resolve any problems.

How to get help resolving a domestic noise problem

The first thing that the complainant must try and do is talk to the person causing the noise disturbance. A polite request may be sufficient to resolve a problem without taking the matter any further. Getting the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture involved can make relations deteriorate irreparably and nobody likes to fall out with their neighbours.

You should also be aware that if you are in the process of selling your house, any prospective purchaser must be made aware that you have made a complaint about your neighbour to the Department.

If your informal approach has failed, contact the Environmental/Public Health Unit for advice. We will generally send you Noise Investigation Diary Sheets, which are used to establish a pattern to the disturbances and show how the noise is interfering with the use and enjoyment of your premises (see downloadable documents).

A Neighbourhood Noise Problems Leaflet has been prepared to give you advice in relation to domestic noise problems (see downloadable documents).

To see how to react to a serious noise problem occurring at night, go to our section on the Noise Act 2006, which contains guidance for complainants. Please note that the correct authorities should be phoned at a time when the noise is still occurring. This ensures they can act against those creating the noise.

For further advice please contact

Environmental/Public Health Unit

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