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Mutual exchanges

Inter-authority mutual exchange

Do you want to move to another public sector home? Then we may be able to help you to find a match. The Mutual Exchange Scheme is here to help you help yourself. This way you can find what you want, when you want.

We use a database to publicise the homes of those who wish to move to another public sector home. The database is available to download (see downloadable documents). By gathering this information, we make it easier for you to find a household to swap with. If you wish to move, you can use the database to advertise the property you are currently living in. To do so, it is necessary to complete an application form (MXA), (see downloadable documents). The completed form should be submitted to this office and you then need to see if there is a suitable home for you on our database.

Processing your application form will be subject to a £20 fee, which should be paid when you submit it. Please note that your application form will not be processed if you have not made this payment.

If you agree upon an exchange, both parties need to complete an exchange form (MXB), (see downloadable documents). You send the completed exchange form to your housing authority and the other person sends their form to theirs. Please make sure that you have followed the guidance and procedures covered in our downloadable information sheet prior to submitting the completed exchange form to your housing authority. The information sheet provides a step by step guide of what should happen with a standard exchange.

For inter-authority exchanges, it is up to you to either become part of the Mutual Exchange Scheme (detailed above) or publicise your home yourself, for example, in a local newspaper. However, to move to somewhere within your own housing authority, you may find it is just as useful to ask your authority if they have a working transfer list.

Please note that agreeing a swap with another tenant does not guarantee the exchange can go ahead. This is because certain terms and conditions apply, and the swap must be agreed by both landlords. Please refer to the information sheet for more details.

Our database is updated monthly with new homes, and there will also be a hardcopy available to look through at the reception of:

Department of Infrastructure

Ground Floor

Markwell House

Market Street



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Important things to remember:

  • You should read the information sheet prior to submitting an exchange form to your housing authority
  • Your home must be in a suitable condition to exchange
  • Your rent account must be up to date for at least the last 6 months
  • Keep your reference number (see application form) for future use for updating your details
  • Find your own exchange and we will help you but the Department of Infrastructure will not find the swap, that is up to you, and
  • When you find an exchange you must send your exchange form to your landlord and the tenant you are swapping with must send one to their landlord.
  • Most bungalows have an allocation policy, for instance, bungalows will only normally be allocated to those over the age of 50, or with mobility needs.
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