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Moving home

The content on this page applies to the Department of Infrastructure Public Sector Housing, though the other housing authorities apply similar rules and guidelines. If in doubt, contact your housing authority.

Terminating your tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy you must notify us in writing at least 1 full week before you intend leaving your home. Please contact the Department’s customer service team on tel: +44 1624 685955, or email for an Ending Your Tenancy form and important information. All tenancies begin and end on a Monday, and all keys to your home must be returned by 12 noon on the day that your tenancy expires. If keys are returned after this date you will be charged for the next week's rent.

Please ensure that all keys are labelled clearly with your name and address when you return them.

The condition you should leave your home

We expect you to leave your former home clean and clear of all your personal belongings and refuse. This includes the garden and any outbuildings or sheds. Any repairs not due to fair wear and tear are your responsibility and if they have to be carried out by us after you leave you may be charged for them. If you want to leave something in your home for the new tenant, for example, a carpet that is in good condition, then you should discuss this with a housing officer who will visit you at your home to advise what you need to do before you leave. If the new tenant does not want an item you have left, and we dispose of it later, we will not charge you for this.

If you have handed in your notice, but you have a partner/lodger with you who wishes to stay in the property

You must give us vacant possession of your home - you cannot leave other people living in it when you leave. If you do, we may need to take court proceedings to regain possession of your home and we may then require you to pay our costs and charges for the property while it cannot be rented to someone else.

Who to tell that you are moving

Remember to tell all organisations who need to know your new address. These may include:

  • The Department (or the relevant housing authority if the house is not rented from the Department)
  • Department of Health
  • Social Security (Benefits)
  • Social Services
  • Manx Utilities/gas/telephone/insurance/banks and credit companies
  • Schools/libraries
  • TV licensing
  • Doctor, dentist etc

You may find it easier to use the single point of notification via the Goverment Portal to notify departments:

You should also make arrangements to redirect your mail. This can be arranged with the Isle of Man Post Office.

Moving home

Many tenants find that, at some stage, they need to move to a new home. This may be because their home is too big or too small for their needs or because they have a medical or social reason for moving. There are several options available to you, but you must have been a tenant in your current home for at least 12 months.

Transfer to another Department property – you will need to fill in a transfer application form available from our customer services team (tel: +44 1624 685955) in order to be placed on our list. We will match you with a transfer if a suitable choice appears. However, please note that the Department will only consider a transfer within its own housing stock if a request is based on housing need, for example disability, overcrowding, etc.

Mutual exchange with a tenant from another housing authority – all the information and relevant forms are available on the Mutual Exchanges page.

However, we can withhold permission if:

  • you have outstanding rent arrears, or arrears for gas, electricity or other services
  • a property inspection indicates that your current property is not in an acceptable condition, or repairs and improvements that you carried out have not been made good to our satisfaction
  • the properties would be overcrowded or substantially under occupied
  • one of the properties is unsuitable because it is accommodation designed for elderly people or has been adapted for use by a person with disabilities and no such person is in the new household
  • A tenant is subject to legal proceedings by the Department.

Waiting for a transfer

It is difficult to say how long you will have to wait for a transfer. We have to consider:

  • the availability of suitable properties
  • how long you have been waiting
  • the specific needs of other tenants awaiting transfers.

Moving into your new home

Ideally, you should move in on the day your tenancy starts. We will tell you this date when we advise you of your new tenancy. It is your responsibility to contact the oil/gas and electric companies to arrange for them to connect your supplies, and you must make sure that you keep your electricity and fuel payments up to date. Visit the problems paying rent and debts page for advice on helping to control your payments and debts.

Repairs before you move

We will do all major repairs before your tenancy starts. However, when you sign for your new tenancy, we may tell you about repairs we still need to do, and when you can expect them to be completed.

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