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The content on this page applies to the Department of Infrastructure Public Sector Housing, although the other housing authorities apply similar rules and guidelines. If in doubt, contact your housing authority.

You must not make any alterations (including improvements) to your home without first obtaining our permission. Call us on +44 1624 685955. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld, unless the alteration will make your home less safe, cost us money to maintain or reduce the value of the property. You will also need to comply with planning requirements and building regulations if applicable. For advice on planning requirements please contact +44 1624 685950. For advice on building regulations, please contact +44 1624 685902.

What counts as an alteration

Examples include:

  • changes to your kitchen or bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • knocking down any walls either inside your home or in your garden
  • changing fixtures and fittings that relate to water, gas or electricity
  • installing or moving an oil tank
  • installing central heating or changing a central heating boiler
  • changing windows and external doors
  • erecting sheds or greenhouses or other structures in your garden
  • constructing a dropped kerb and hardstanding for vehicles
  • putting up any external aerials (for example, CB, TV or satellite)
  • fitting additional locks and
  • erecting conservatories or porches

Changes in rent after alterations on your home

We will not increase your rent as a result of you undertaking alterations to your home at your cost.

Leaving the property as you found it when you move out

We will arrange to inspect your home and assess the condition, durability and safety of any alterations you have made. If the alterations fail to meet our standards, you will be asked to rectify the problem or restore the property to its original condition. If we have to carry out these works, you will be charged for the costs.

Putting up a satellite dish, wireless or television aerial

If you need to erect a satellite dish, wireless or television aerial you will need to write to us for permission. Please do not erect your dish or aerial and then ask for permission afterwards. Satellite dishes, wireless or television aerials should not be fastened to chimney stacks.

Having difficulties coping in your home without alterations

If you are having difficulties with everyday things, like bathing, you should contact your doctor or local social services first and tell them what your difficulties are. They will arrange for an occupational therapist to visit your home and assess your needs, and they can supply portable equipment directly.

Your medical or social services team will make recommendations to the Department and, if alterations to your home are necessary, we can usually arrange this free of charge. We also have a number of properties that we have adapted over the years and when these properties become empty, wherever possible, we let them to people who need extra help.

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