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Customer Care Policy

The content of this page applies to the Department of Infrastructure Public Estates and Housing Division, although the other housing authorities apply similar rules and guidelines. If in doubt, contact your housing authority, details are listed in the contact box below. The Department's customer care policy aims to provide the highest standard of service to all our customers.

Delivering our services

In delivering the service our staff will:

  • carry and display proof of their identity
  • introduce themselves to you
  • be smartly dressed and wear uniform, if issued
  • give you their name if you ask
  • treat you with respect
  • treat your home with respect
  • be friendly, welcoming and helpful
  • deal with you promptly
  • show patience, understanding and sensitivity in dealing with customers’ problems
  • adopt a non judgemental approach when dealing with you
  • behave in a proper and professional manner at all times, and
  • aim to see anyone who is waiting at reception within 10 minutes.

Other standards

We also have the following standards:

  • Customers who have a pre-booked interview should not be kept waiting longer than 10 minutes after the time of their appointment
  • All interviews will take place in a confidential setting
  • We will try to answer all phone calls within 5 rings. If the person you need to speak to is not available you can leave a message for them on our voicemail (answerphone) service and they will get back to you when they return to their office
  • We will reply to all written correspondence within 10 working days
  • All correspondence to customers will give the name of the officer who is dealing with the matter
  • Any customer who is not satisfied can ask to see a more senior officer
  • All customers can use our complaints procedure
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