Housing review 2013-2019

During the period 2010-13 significant work was undertaken with the aim of better understanding the present and future needs and requirements for Affordable Housing across the Island.

In November 2013 Tynwald approved 25 policy recommendations brought forward by the Minister for the Department of Social Care. In the intervening period many of the policy recommendations have been fully implemented and have now become business as usual.

Some of the outcomes that have been implemented are:

  • Setting an Island wide Rental Setting Policy
  • Introduced a 5 year fixed term tenancy agreement for new tenancies
  • Introduced a shared housing waiting list, significantly reducing waiting times for applicants
  • Modernised criteria for access to General Needs and Sheltered Housing
  • Introduced a pilot scheme for mid-rental properties

For full details of the Housing Review and it’s outcomes please refer to the Housing Review Outcomes on downloadable documents.