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History of housing reform

In November 1999 the Minister for Local Government and the Environment laid before Tynwald a Housing Policy Review and later undertook to provide regular Progress Reports on the implementation of the recommendations in the Review.

The 2008, 2009 and 2010 progress 
reports are available in the downloadable documents section on this page.

In 2010 the Isle of Man Government commissioned a Housing Review by the David Tolson Partnership and the findings were reported to Tynwald in 2011.  There followed a formal consultation period when the views of all interested parties were sought.  The Housing Review Report, the Consultation Document and the Consultation response are available for download from the Consultation page.

In September 2012 the David Tolson Partnership was appointed to develop, in more detail, five work areas arising from the conclusions of the initial review. These five work areas are:- 

  • A Housing Needs Study;
  • A Procurement Review;
  • A study of Affordable Housing Options;
  • A review of Housing for Older People;
  • An Options Appraisal for a Unified Housing Body. 

The five independent reports by the David Tolson Partnership are available in the downloadable documents section on this page.

The Housing Review Recommendations Report was approved by Tynwald in November 2013 and is available to download from downloadable documents.

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