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Affordable Housing Reform

The Department of Infrastructure has primary responsibility in law for affordable housing.

This is delivered from within the Public Estates and Housing Division which has primary responsibility for

  • Policy, legislation and regulation of affordable housing
  • Reform of affordable housing, and
  • Funding and operation of affordable housing

In general terms this is public sector rental provision and the first time buyer schemes. However in more recent times is being becoming much broader, often with a pan-government approach.

Between 2013 and 19 the Housing Review has been the means by which Affordable housing reform has been delivered and the Department has recently published an outcomes report. 

Within the Programme for Government ‘amendments for year 3’ the Department was requested to bring forward a new All Island Affordable Housing Strategy.

This webpage will be a reference for progress of that strategy, recording the primary, principles, aims and outcomes as the strategy is developed.

Housing Strategy

Housing Review 2013-2019

Housing needs study

History of Reform

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