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Rotavirus immunisation programme for infants

A new vaccine for infants, against the most common strains of rotavirus, was introduced into the childhood immunisation schedule in July 2013.

Rotavirus is the most common cause of gastroenteritis among children and results in a significant number of young children being admitted to hospital each year. The vaccine which will be used for this programme is called Rotarix®.

For the public


Protecting your baby against rotavirus
17 September 2021

Flyer: Protecting your baby against rotavirus (PDF)
29 September 2021

Patient Information Leaflets

Rotarix oral suspension in a squeezable tube
29 March 2021

For professionals

Changes to the programme

Rotavirus immunisation programme: changes from September 2021 letter (
15 September 2021

Also see:  A guide to immunisations for babies born on or after 1 January 2020


Rotavirus vaccination programme: advice for health professionals (
17 September 2021

Any adverse events should be documented in the patient notes and reported to the MHRA through the Yellow Card reporting system.

Patient Group Direction (PGD)


The Rotavirus vaccination programme training slideset is available to download.

Green Book

Rotavirus - Chapter 27b

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