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Information for professionals

Inter-seasonal Eligibility July 2023

Thank you for your continued commitment to the COVD-19 vaccination programme, The Spring 2023 campaign closed on the 30June 2023.

All primary course offers also ceased on the 30 June, except those who are 6 months to 4 years old in a clinical at risk group, following JCVI advice. This cohort will be offered Comirnaty 3 (THREE) Concentrate vaccine.

The JCVI has advised that those who become newly immunosuppressed between seasonal campaigns should be considered for COVID-19 vaccination in the inter-seasonal period.

Identification of eligible people

The Green Book states that individuals who develop severe immunosuppression (as defined in the Green Book Chapter 14a) may be at high risk of severe COVID-19 and less able to sustain any protection from previous vaccination or exposure. These individuals should be considered for catch up primary vaccination or additional dose(s) of vaccination before the next seasonal campaign based on clinical judgement.

At the beginning of the inter-seasonal period, there will not be a known cohort of patients who will require vaccination. However, there will be individuals who develop severe immunosuppression including those who have completed a STEM cell transplant, those with new health conditions or starting specified treatments.

Specialist clinicians managing the care of patients commencing immunosuppressive treatment will be therefore best placed to identify and refer as they can:

  • Identify them as newly severely immunosuppressed.
  • Carry out an individual clinical assessment on whether they should be recommended to receive catch up primary vaccination or additional dose(s) of vaccination before the next seasonal campaign
  • advise on the best timing for vaccination, as any additional doses should be administered with special attention given to current or planned immunosuppressive therapies

If a specialist clinician assesses that inter-seasonal vaccination is recommended then a referral form should be completed and sent to

In the inter-seasonal period, only Comirnaty BA. 4-5 (for those 12 years and over) and Comirnaty 10 Concentrate (for those aged 5 to 11years) will be available.

Training resources

COVID-19 vaccination training slide set [PowerPoint download] (

Isle of Man Government health professionals

COVID-19: vaccinator training recommendations (
20 October 2022

COVID-19: vaccinator competency assessment tool (
20 October 2022


For prisons and secure settings

COVID-19 vaccination: resources for secure settings (
24 August 2021

For Employers

COVID-19 vaccination: guide for employers (
30 May 2021

Green book

Chapter 14a

COVID-19: the green book, chapter 14a (
12 January 2022

Includes information on:

  • the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines
  • the dosage and schedule for the UK
  • recommendations for the use of the vaccine

Chapter 8

Vaccine safety and adverse events following immunisation: the green book, chapter 8 (
20 March 2013

Chapter 2

Consent: the green book, chapter 2 (
18 June 2021

MHRA and Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting

For guidance visit: MHRA guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) (

For information on reporting and current adverse reactions visit Information for adults


For links to COVID-19 surveillance reports, visit Information for Adults

Protocols and Patient group Directions (PGDs)

Visit to access the latest Patient Group Directions for COVID-19.

For information on national protocols for COVID19 vaccines visit NHS England

Programme documents

For updated statements on delivery of the vaccination programme in the UK, including JCVI announcements, visit COVID-19 Vaccination Programme –

To view older leaflets and information, please visit the COVID-19 vaccination archive.

Updated 24 January 2023

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