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Immunisation protects children and adults against harmful infections before they come into contact with them in the community. Immunisation uses the body’s natural defence mechanism - the immune response - to build resistance to specific infections.

Immunisation helps children and adults stay healthy by preventing serious infections. If a child or adult does not receive all the recommended doses he/she will remain susceptible to those diseases and may become sick if exposed to those diseases. Immunisation is not compulsory but is highly recommended for all children refer to the full immunisation schedule for more information.

Please contact your Practice Nurse for further advice on vaccination.

The Isle of Man follows a similar Childhood Immunisation Programme to that carried out within the UK - but it should be noted that some of the vaccines offered differ slightly to those offered within the UK.

Isle of Man Immunisation Schedule – Autumn 2017

Frequently asked questions

Babies to 4 Years




Vaccines for Special Groups

Travel advice and vaccines

Remember, it’s never too late to have your child immunised. Even if your child has missed an immunisation and is older than the recommended ages, talk to your doctor, practice nurse or health visitor to arrange for your child to be immunised.

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