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Various groups

The Physiotherapy Service offers several different group experiences including PilatesCardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Total Knee/Hip Replacement Classes.

All groups are designed in accordance with national best evidence-based practice guidelines - this means that they work!

  • Pilates offers an entry-level introduction to the core concepts of self-managing lower back pain.
  • Cardiac/Pulmonary rehabilitation combines exercise and education, promoting self-management and offering a supportive environment for individuals to share and learn with each other.
  • Total Hip/Knee replacement classes are designed to progress post-operative patients of all abilities, helping them to realise their full potential
  • A specialist breast surgery class runs subject to demand. Further information is available from the Outpatient Physiotherapy Departments at Noble's Hospital/Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital.

Contact Information

Physiotherapists running these classes work

Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 4.30pm

The best way to contact regarding the classes is to leave a message at the main physiotherapy reception at Noble's Hospital using the telephone number given below.

Main physiotherapy department: +44 1624 650200


(Please note that group venues, times and dates are subject to change so please consult with your therapist directly)

Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation is based at Noble's Hospital and the Community Health Centre on Westmoreland Road.

Total Hip/Knee Replacement classes are held at Noble's Hospital.

How to access

You can access this class by physiotherapist referral only, strict criteria apply

Total Hip/Knee Replacement class 
You will be referred directly by your orthopaedic physiotherapist on the ward following your surgery. The class details will be provided before your discharge home

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