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Self referral

What a self referral is

Self referral is a direct route to physiotherapy. Self-referral Physiotherapy is a best practice access route to Physiotherapy in the UK. It allows patients to access physiotherapy treatment without seeing any other health care provider first.

Can I self refer?

This referral option is not available to under 16s or for neurological, paediatric, respiratory, obstetric or gynaecological problems, or if you are still under the care of a consultant for this problem. Replacement splints, aids and supports cannot be supplied.

How you will benefit

Patient satisfaction surveys have shown that patients benefit from self referral in the following ways:

  • It is a direct route to advice and intervention when it is most needed
  • Early intervention can speed up healing and recovery
  • It supports the individual in developing skills in self care and self management.
  • It gives people a simplified route in and out of services
  • It promotes health focused behaviour

Instructions on how to self refer  - please read this before completing the self referral form below

Two easy steps to making an appointment

Step 1

Complete the form below by filling in the details requested.

The self-referral service is currently unable to service 3 locations (Ramsey, Douglas and Port Erin) with its current demand and staffing levels.

Until the end of July the self-referral service will only operate out of Community Health Centre, Westmoreland Road in Douglas for new referrals. The service is being reviewed in this time period.

Step 2

The self-referral service always experiences considerable demand and you may have to contact us more than once to obtain an appointment – please be patient, we release as many appointments as we have available.

You must phone for an appointment – we are unable to call you.

Allow 3 working days to pass before telephoning our central booking number +44 1624 642119.

This booking line is open from Monday to Friday from 8am excluding public holidays – this line closes when appointments for the following 5 days are all taken or 10am whichever is the sooner.

You will be offered the next available appointment and we will endeavour to provide an appointment on your first call, depending on our availability. Our services are always be affected by fluctuating demand and you may be asked to call again the following day.

Call us - it's your responsibility to make an appointment.


Where self referral forms are available

The Self referral form is also widely available as follows at:

  • Physiotherapy departments CHC, RDCH, SPU and Noble's
  • Noble's Hospital Reception
  • GP Practices
  • High Street Pharmacies

Self referral cancellations

If you have self referred and wish to cancel your physiotherapy appointment please call our General Enquiries Line on +44 1624 642158 giving as much notice as possible. This number should be used to cancel appointments at Community Health Centre, Ramsey Cottage Hospital and Southern Physiotherapy Unit.

To rebook your appointment

New patient

If you are a new patient cancelling your initial appointment you will be advised to call the New Patient Line on +44 1624 642119 between the hours of 8am and 10am Monday to Friday to rebook your appointment.

Existing patient

If you are an existing patient cancelling a follow up appointment you will be advised to call the Follow Up Line on +44 1624 642120 between the hours of 10am and 12noon Monday to Friday to rebook your appointment.

DNA (Did Not Attend)

If you do not attend the appointment you have booked by self referral you must contact us within 24 hours following the missed appointment to avoid being discharged.

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