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Learning Disabilities Service

Who we see

We work with both children and adults who have been identified with a learning disability. The clients we work with include those with:

  • communication difficulties associated with learning disability
  • feeding, drinking and swallowing difficulties
  • autism Spectrum Disorder
  • communication and/or swallowing difficulties arising from a medical condition or developmental syndrome
  • children and adults who have profound and multiple learning disabilities

The Learning Disability Team works in a variety of settings around the Island according to the needs of the client:

  • Pre-school assessment Centre
  • Special Needs Units in schools
  • IoM College
  • Children's Resource Centres
  • Adult day Services
  • Adult Residential Services
  • Homes and voluntary/charitable organisations

What we do

The Speech and Language Therapist is involved in the assessment and planning to facilitate both communication and feeding/swallowing difficulties. Support plans are provided to individuals to identify the level of input they will benefit from. Meeting individual needs may include:

  • Therapy to work on specific areas of speech and language – which can be delivered in one-to-one or in group sessions
  • An individual communication support plan
  • Provision of advice and strategies to support the individual.
  • Where swallowing difficulties are identified, advice is given as to supporting feeding and drinking, perhaps with the issue of a personal place-mat. Recommendations are also given regarding the modification of textures and consistencies of food and drink, including the appropriate presentation of meals (for example, using food moulds)
  • Support in developing a personal communication passport
  • Education and training to staff, families and carers
  • Liaison with support groups
  • Advice and support in the use of low-tech and high-tech communication aids (AAC)

Other activities

The Speech and Language Therapy Learning Disabilities Team also provides advice and support to other professionals working in this field and are involved in projects including:

  • The Isle of Man Total Communication Plan
  • Signalong training
  • Intensive Interaction – including coordination the IoM Regional Support Group and the training programme
  • Hanen training for parents and professionals
  • Advice to Inspections and Registrations on standards for Health and Well Being for Adults in Residential settings

How to refer

Referrals for children with learning difficulties are made through the main SLT office:

Secretary: Speech and Language Therapy Service

Crookall House

Demesne Road



Telephone:+44 1624 642630

Referrals for adults with learning difficulties should be made to the SLT office at Eastcliffe Resource Centre:

Speech and Language Therapy

Eastcliffe Resource Centre

Victoria Avenue



Telephone:+44 1624 624305

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