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Neonatal Services

Where to find us

The Neonatal Unit is signposted along the corridor from the main reception area.

Neonatal Unit

First floor

East Wing

Noble's Hospital

Telephone:+44 1624 650035, Lead Nurse Neonatal: +44 1624 650285

Community Neonatal Nurse contactable via Neonatal Unit.

About the Neonatal Unit

Neonatal Unit door at Nobles Hospital

Our Neonatal Unit provides care for premature babies from 32 weeks gestation as well as babies born at full term gestation who are requiring specialist neonatal care. Babies born below 32 weeks gestation or babies requiring treatment that is not available on island are transferred to UK hospitals for further specialist care. Some babies are transferred in-utero (before birth) and if required babies can be stabilised on our Neonatal Unit and then transferred. The Air Ambulance team are based at Noble's Hospital and are able to transfer any premature or unwell baby using our transport incubator. If a baby is transferred off island, a Neonatal Nurse (with specialist air transfer training), Doctor and/or specialist team will accompany the baby on transfer.

On our Neonatal Unit we have 1 intensive care/high dependency cot and 3 special care cots. We also have 1 isolation room.

We have a Community Neonatal Nurse who also works on the Neonatal Unit and helps with supporting and advising parents/carers once their baby has been discharged from our Neonatal Unit.

Facilities on the Neonatal Unit include a parents' sitting room, this has hot and cold beverage facilities, a fridge and a microwave. Rooms for parents to stay overnight is available on individual basis and will depend on circumstances within the Neonatal Unit. We have a milk kitchen for feeding and expressing equipment. Our unit has a fridge and freezer for expressed breast milk and use of expressing pumps whilst babies are on the Neonatal Unit. Use of expressing pumps can also be arranged for home once baby's mother is discharged home, this is arranged via Infant Feeding Team.

Who can visit babies on the Neonatal Unit

Parents/carers can choose 4 additional people to visit their baby on the Neonatal Unit. The people chosen by the parents/carers must remain the same throughout the baby's stay on the unit. Visiting times are un-restricted.

If the baby has siblings they are not included in the 4 named visitors but may visit their new baby on the Neonatal Unit. The number of visitors is restricted to reduce the risks of infection and limit the noise levels on the Neonatal Unit.

Caring for babies on the Neonatal Unit

Family integrated care is encouraged on our Neonatal Unit so as soon as your baby's condition is stable enough, you will be encouraged to cuddle your baby. You will also be encouraged to change your baby's nappy, get involved in feeding your baby, have skin to skin contact with your baby and any other care that your baby may require. Nursing staff will help you to become confident in caring for your baby during the stay in the Neonatal Unit.

Feeding babies on the Neonatal Unit

Some babies will require a feeding tube to be fed either because they are premature and are not ready to feed by breast or bottle yet, or full term babies that are unwell.

If you wish to breast feed your baby nursing staff will help and advise and help you with expressing and breast feeding. If you wish to bottle feed your baby nursing staff will also help and advise and help with feeding. Our Neonatal Unit and the Infant Feeding Team work closely to ensure families have all the support they may need in feeding their new baby.

Noble's first floor map

Nobles Hospital first floor map dividing east and west wings

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