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Neonatal Services

Where to find us

The Neonatal Unit is signposted along the corridor from the main reception area.

Neonatal Unit

First floor

East Wing

Noble's Hospital

Telephone:+44 1624 650035, Lead Nurse Neonatal: +44 1624 650285

Community Neonatal Outreach: Contactable through Neonatal Unit

Neonatal Unit

The Neonatal Unit cares for babies born prematurely as well as those born at term who require specialist care.

Babies born at 27 weeks gestation or more are cared for here on the Island. Care provided ranges from full intensive care to those requiring help with feeding and temperature control. Infants born at less than 27 weeks or requiring specialist care such as surgery are transferred to the UK.

These infants are either transferred in-utero prior to delivery or, following stabilisation, by an air ambulance team. The unit also provides a Neonatal Outreach Community team providing continuity of care by staff once the baby is discharged home.

The nursery has 9 cots made up of 1 intensive care cot, 2 high dependency cots and 6 special care cots. There is also a room for isolation purposes.


Visitors are limited to parents and grandparents only. If grandparents are not resident on the Island, parents may nominate 4 friends to support them during this time. Visiting is restricted in order to protect the infants from infection and to reduce the noise in the nursery.

Parents can visit any time they wish. The nursery operates a 'quiet time' between 1pm and 3pm every day when babies can sleep without any interruptions.

The unit has a video entry intercom system in order to gain access.

Caring for your baby

As soon as your baby's condition is stable, staff will ask you if you would like to 'cuddle' your baby.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in caring for their baby as soon as they feel able; gradually building the confidence parents need for when they go home.

You may also take photos of your baby and the staff will also take 2 photographs shortly after your baby is admitted to the nursery. These will be printed for you to keep.

Prior to discharge parents are encouraged to 'room-in' and be involved fully in the care of their baby, however staff are available to provide assistance or advice if needed.


Research has shown that breast milk is best for all infants especially preterm babies. All staff are trained in assisting new mums to initiate and maintain lactation and to help establish breastfeeding prior to discharge.

Neonatal community outreach

When babies are discharged home from the Neonatal Unit and require specialist care they are followed up by the Neonatal Community Outreach Team. This currently consists of 2 members of staff from the Unit. One of these staff members will arrange to see the babies at home and continue to visit them for as long as appropriate.

The 2 staff members are based in the Unit and are primarily involved in caring for the babies whilst they are nursed in the Unit.They are able to provide a seamless continuity of care when the baby goes home. The huge advantage of this approach is that the parents already know and have a good working relationship with the staff member.

The staff will have already cared for the babies and have an extensive knowledge of their history since delivery and know their individual care needs. It has proved to be highly effective in not only supporting the parents but also in ensuring that the babies continue to thrive after their time spent in the Neonatal Unit.

Neonatal Air Ambulance

There is a unit based air ambulance team who transfer infants to and from the Island.

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