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Policies agreed/supported by IMOG

The Integrated Medicines Optimisation Group (IMOG) is a joint committee with representatives from primary care, secondary care, mental health, women’s and children’s, pharmacists and non-medical prescribers.

Policies are developed to ensure that prescribing is meeting the best practice evidence available, and will be widely consulted upon across the health care system.


Below are the policies that the integrated medicine optimisation group have improved and will be implemented across Manx Care health care system.

Biosimiliar Policy

Dry Eye Policy

Erectile Dysfunction Policy

Guidelines of the prescribing of melatonin for children v2 (002)

Guidelines on the prescribing of methyphenidate v0.01

Guidelines on the prescribing of multivitamins v0.01

Manx Care Medicines Policy

Medical Gas Policy

Medicines Homecare Policy

Melatonin Policy (adult) - V3

Policy Statement - Managing Weight Loss

SOP - How to Swallow Tablets

Vitamin B12 Policy

Vitamin D Policy

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