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Formulary (inc New Medicines) and Prescribing Guidelines

The Integrated Medicines Optimisation Group (IMOG) is a joint committee with representatives from primary care, secondary care, mental health, women’s and children’s, pharmacists and non-medical prescribers. One role of the group is to design and develop a formulary of products that can be prescribed within Manx Care health systems.

Why do we have a formulary?

The primary purpose of the formulary is to encourage the use of safe, effective and most affordable medications.

A formulary system is much more than a list of medications approved for use by a managed health care organization; its aim is to ensure that prescribing and the choice of medicines for each patient is rationalised across the healthcare system to ensure parity of care and access to the most clinically appropriate medicine.

Each section of the formulary is developed with clinical staff and are widely consulted upon across all areas of the healthcare system.


Below are formularies and guidelines for both primary and secondary prescribers to follow.

Ferinject Chart (renal)

Ferinject Chart (non-renal)

Hospital to Home paediatric Chart

Paediatric nMAB (Sotrovimab) SOP- v2

PlasmaLyte guideline Draft v.1

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