Integrated Medicines Optimisation Group (IMOG)


The Integrated Medicines Optimisation Group (IMOG) meeting is a strategic medicines management decision making committee with responsibility for promoting appropriate, safe, rational and cost-effective medicines use, and comprises representatives from across primary and secondary care.

The IMOG’s remit includes approval of new drugs, extending the use of existing formulary drugs to new indications and overall gatekeeper of the Isle of Man Joint Formulary, which provides details of medicines approved for use across the island.

Decisions around new drug requests will take into consideration safety, clinical effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness, relative to other treatment options in consideration of available budget and cost effectiveness.  Decisions will be made on fully published trial data only.

Objectives and Fuctions

  1. To oversee, set direction, and ratify outputs from IMOG subgroups
  2. To approve an annual workplan for the sub-groups
  3. To receive reports and recommendations for approval from sub-groups on a scheduled basis
  4. Ensure that robust standards and governance arrangements underpin island-wide decision-making/advice related to medicines
  5. The monitoring of prescribing budget(s) in both secondary and primary care to inform Manx Care of trends which may impact on meeting budgets
  6. Oversight of medicines-related CIP projects, and the prescribing decisions required to facilitate timely savings delivery
  7. To approve local medicines optimisation policies
  8. To communicate recommendations and outputs effectively to all relevant member and stakeholder organisations and encourage implementation
  9. To produce an annual report describing achievements against the terms of reference

It is expected that the agreed IMOG workplan will be delivered by the sub-groups with ratification and approval by IMOG which will receive updates and influence the work programme of the following subgroups:

Policies agreed/supported by IMOG

Formulary (inc New Medicines) and Prescribing Guidelines

Shared Care Guidelines

Medication Safety

Non-Medical Prescribing


  • Shreeman Andole - Medical Director (Chair)
  • Maria Bell - Pharmaceutical Advisor, Primary Care
  • Craig Rore - Chief Pharmacist, Nobles Hospital
  • Rohit Peshin - Consultant (nominated from the leads within Nobles)
  • Dr Maitiu O'Tuathail - GP representative
  • Dr Keith Daniel - GP representative
  • Annmarie Cubbon - Family Practitioner Manager
  • Lisa Airey - General Manager, Nobles
  • Jackie Lawless - Finance Representative
  • Dr Marina Hudson - Consultant Psychiatrist, Mental Health Service
  • Martin Hamm - Non-Medical Prescribing Lead
  • Jacqui Lawrence - Children & Families, Manx Care
  • Suzie Clague - Secretarial & Programme Support
  • (Other clinicians or managers may be co-opted as and when necessary)