Sight Test Information 

An NHS sight test can only be provided by an ophthalmic medical practitioner or ophthalmic optician (Optometrist) and a list of Isle of Man Opticians can be found below. Sight tests are provided free to all patients, usually on a bi-annual basis which is in line with best clinical practice as advised by the Association of Optometrists and reflects the recall periods for the National Health Services in England. Sight test intervals are dependent on the age of the patient and whether the patient suffers from certain medical conditions. The Isle of Man sight test intervals are as follows: 

Sight Test IntervalPatient Age / Condition Criteria
One Year
  • Under 16 Years
  • 70 Years or over
  • Condition – Diabetic (any age)
  • Condition - Glaucoma Family History (age 40 years or over if not already in a monitoring scheme)
  • Condition - Ocular hypertension (Any age if not already in a monitoring scheme)
6 Monthly
  • Condition - BV anomaly / corrected refractive error (age 7 or under)
  • Condition – BV anomaly or rapidly progressing myopia (age 7 to 15 years)
Two Years
  • Age 16-69
  • Condition – Glaucoma (any age)


Outside of the above intervals, Opticians may make a clinical decision to test a patient’s sight sooner than the agreed intervals and there are various reasons why this would happen. If in doubt, please contact your optician who will be able to advise if you fit into one of the early recall categories. 

Help towards the cost of your glasses 

Whilst the supply and repair of glasses is essentially a private arrangement between the patient and the optician, in certain circumstances NHS vouchers are made available by Manx Care, Primary Care Services, to help towards the cost. These vouchers are available for children and other specified groups. Your optician can provide you with further information in relation to your eligibility for a voucher.

The office opening hours for Primary Care Services are 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm

Optician Services

Douglas and district

Port Erin and district

Ramsey and district

Onchan and district


How to Make a Compliment or Complaint

If you wish to make a comment about an Optical Practice or to compliment their services, you can do this by either telling the practice direct or by contacting Family Practitioner Services (contact details above). 

If you are dissatisfied about the services provided to you by your Optician Practice you can either contact the Practice directly or the Primary Care Optical Service Team, who will pass on your complaint to the relevant Optician Practice.  To make a formal complaint, this must be in writing either by letter or email. For more information on making a complaint.

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