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Donation ensures partners are comfortable at the Jane Crookall maternity ward

Friday, 7 September 2012

Following the generous donation of £1,000 from David Moss after he walked 32.5 miles in the Parish walk last year, the Jane Crookall Maternity Ward has purchased two new recliner chairs to be used by birthing partners, who are accompanying their partner or spouse during labour. David raised the money for the chairs through sponsorship during his Parish Walk challenge where he walked an impressive 32.5 miles in 8 hours and 24 minutes.

David attended the Jane Crookall Maternity Ward to present the chairs to midwifery staff.

Lead Midwife Jane Gray, explained why the funding for the new recliner chairs was so welcome:

'Mr Moss explained to us that a friend of his had attended the Maternity Ward to support his wife while she gave birth to their baby. This gentleman said that the existing chairs in the ward were uncomfortable, especially given that the labour process is generally a fairly lengthy one. It was felt that a recliner chair would be more comfortable, and this gave David the idea of raising the money during the Parish Walk to purchase two for us.'

Minister for Health, David Anderson MHK said:

'This is a prime example of how one individual can make a significant impact for so many people. These chairs will ensure that partners supporting expectant mothers can also be comfortable and concentrate on providing support at one of the key moments in their lives. It is people and donations such as David’s that enable us to provide the highest standard of care for our patients and their families and ensure that everyone is comfortable in the hospital.'

Bev Critchlow, Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Therapies, said:

'On behalf of the patients and staff on the Jane Crookall Maternity Ward, I would like to thank Mr Moss for raising the money to purchase these chairs for us. We take the comfort and safety of both our patients and their families very seriously and are always looking at ways that we can improve this. These chairs will ensure that the spouses or partners of women in labour will have somewhere comfortable to sit whilst they support them during the labour process. We are very grateful to everyone who undertakes fund-raising on behalf of Noble’s Hospital, and it is especially appreciated when so much thought and effort has been put in.'

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