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Manx Care safeguarding practitioner selected for valuable training

Wednesday, 31 January 2024

Specialist Nurse for Safeguarding Adults, Jane McIlraith, has been selected to undertake Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) Training, after a competitive application process.

Upon successful completion of the course, Jane will become the first accredited IDVA within Manx Care.

The training includes guided learning, e-learning modules, worksheets and national studies, which will accumulate to 300 hours in total.

The accreditation will allow Jane to respond to concerns and disclosures regarding Domestic Abuse in the Emergency Department (ED), Maternity services and other hospital wards, as well as allowing her to visit victims post-discharge. Jane will maintain her current role whilst practising her new skills and guiding the team with her knowledge. This will provide the Safeguarding Team for Health with an opportunity to build relationships and work more closely with other Government services, ensuring that the most vulnerable are safeguarded effectively and efficiently.

Specialist Nurse for Safeguarding Adults, Jane McIlraith, commented:

‘I am delighted to have been presented with the opportunity to undertake such vital training. It means that I am able to provide more support and be more proactive within my role and to further help those in our community. I am eager to cascade what I learn to my colleagues so that we can all become the best Safeguarding Practitioners we can be.’

Head of Safeguarding Terri Banks, added:

‘Having one of our team accepted for the IDVA training is amazing news, and a real step in the right direction for our colleagues to be able to recognise and respond to Domestic Abuse, enabling the team to intervene in a timelier manner. Recognising the signs at an earlier stage will allow us to help those that need it most.’

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