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Crash Card

The meaning of CRASH:

  • Caution - don't put yourself in danger
  • Road - what is your exact location
  • Accident- what vehicles are involved
  • Serious - is anyone unresponsive
  • Help - do not move the casualty, call 999

Take time to learn the above, the person making the 999 call is important, the information they give determines the response level of the emergency services.

Become a Lion

At some point in your riding career you may have an 'unscheduled dismount' or may be with someone that does. CRASH is designed to help keep you and the unfortunate rider safe.

The CRASH questions follow a similar format to those you will be asked by the Emergency Services Joint Control Room.

All the rider information is kept on the card which should be placed securely in the top lining of the helmet. In the event of an incident, the helmet should be left on unless you are trained to remove it. If the patient is unresponsive, further instructions will be given by the control room.

Put the green dot on the right side of your helmet or visor/make sure it is not in your field of vision. Don't worry, the helmet dot will not affect the integrity of your helmet. Place the CRASH card safely/securely inside your helmet; we hope it will never be needed.

If you do swap helmets (not recommended) please remember to remove the CRASH card.

The cards will be available from the Roads Policing Unit or ambulances.

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