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Integrated Women, Children and Families Service

The following services make up the Integrated Women, Children and Families Service

  • Children's and Families Health visiting
  • School Nursing  
  • Family Planning  
  • Maternity Unit 
  • Neonatal Unit 
  • Children’s Outreach Team 
  • Children’s Outpatients
  • Children’s Ward 

As the COVID-19 response continues, all of our services have had to adapt to be able to deliver care in the safest way possible.  Please refer to the relevant Community Service divisions menus below to find out what changes have been made and how these may continue to affect you during COVID-19 pandemic:  

Children's and Families Health visiting

The Health Visiting Service is beginning to get services back online following the suspension of some services during the COVID period.  Our team are in the process of prioritising the appointments that needed to be suspended with the aim to see all children who require a health and development check over the coming months.  We will be in touch with families to offer appointments either at home or in one of our clinics.  We would encourage all parents who are concerned about their child’s development to contact us by phone at your local clinic.   We are not yet in a position to re start our groups and we will not be running the drop in baby clinics.  There are Health Visitors in each clinic base and we can answer any questions you may have.  We continue to work alongside our colleagues in social care to support our most vulnerable children and families.

For more details on this service please visit the Children and Families Health Visiting page.

School Nursing

The School Nursing team is now available to take referrals of school aged children needing extra support.  The drop in sessions at schools will be starting again soon and they are planning to re start some public health projects.  The safeguarding School Nursing Team continues to support children subject to child protection planning or who are Looked After and are working with our social care colleagues in doing this.  The School Nursing Team is available on +44 1624 693210. 

See also: School nursing

Family Planning

The Family Planning Service continues to offer services to women as they require them. Over the coming weeks they will start to deliver more services face to face, we would encourage women to call the family planning service on +44 1624 642186 to book an appointment and be advised on the days and times of their drop in clinics. 

Services continue to be delivered; however most of this service delivery and consultations are now taking place by phone.   

Contraception and prescriptions are being prepared and left for women to collect.  

Also see: 

Pregnancy and family planning

Sexual Health

Women’s Health


Neonatal Unit

During COVID-19 Pandemic this service continues to nurse babies in need of specialist care following delivery.  

Neonatal Services

Children’s Outreach team (Paediatric)

During COVID-19 pandemic the team is continuing to visit children in their homes - but only where it is deemed to be a clinical priority (this would include flushing of central lines, taking bloods and burns management).   

Where possible, phone consultations have been introduced to reduce the need for face-to-face appointments.  

Paediatric Services Nobles Hospital

Children’s Outpatient appointments (Paediatric)

During COVID-19 appointments have been suspended. Families due to attend are in the process of being contacted by phone following a review of their records by a Consultant Paediatrician.  

Some children are receiving phone consultations and a small number of these will be scheduled to attend a reduced outpatients’ clinic.  

Paediatric Services Nobles Hospital

Children’s ward

Sexual Health

We aim to build an open and honest culture where everyone is able to make informed and responsible choices about relationships and sex.

Anyone can be affected by sexual ill health but our aim is prevention, advising you and keeping you well so you can meet your full potential.

Terminations are available in the Isle of Man within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. These must be carried out by a licensed clinic and are usually free of charge.

The Family Planning Clinic provides contraceptive and sexual health services to all individuals of reproductive age.

They are happy to see young people to advise on sexual health and contraception matters and the service is free and confidential.

Family planning button

Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) is a sexual health clinic which provides free testing, treatment and advice for all sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception and sexual exposure for HIV.

GUM button

Your Doctor can provide help and advice on contraception, pregnancy and sexual health matters. For out of hours support contact the Manx Emergency Doctors Service (MEDS). Advice is also available for patients who are temporarily resident or just visiting.

GP Practices button

Your local pharmacist can provide support and advice for thrush, cystitis, contraception long term solutions and emergency contraception.

A Pharamcy Rota is also available for opening hours during weekends and bank holidays.

Pharmacies button

Human Papilloma Virus vaccine is offered to all girls aged 12 to 13 as part of the Isle of Man vaccination programme to protect against cervical cancer.

HPV button

UK information

Contact numbers

Isle of Man Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Info: +44 1624 611600

Police: +44 1624 631212

Relate Isle of Man: +44 1624 623902

Samaritans: +44 1624 633399

Women's Aid: +44 1624 677900

3S (Safe Strong Secure):

GUM Sexual Health Clinic: +44 1624 650710

Victim Support: +44 1624 679950

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