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Minor Oral Surgery

Where to find us

When coming to Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital for an initial consultation, please come to the main reception in the hospital to check in. You will then be directed to the appropriate waiting area. 

The surgical appointments are held within the Theatre Department of the hospital. Patients attending for Minor Oral Surgery should enter the Hospital via the Main Entrance on Cumberland Road. 

Opening Hours

Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Surgical procedures are held on a Thursday Morning.

Requesting an appointment

All appointments with the Minor Oral Surgery department are through referral from a GP or dentist. Your GP or dentist will contact the Minor Oral Surgery department on your behalf, and you will receive a letter from the hospital acknowledging this referral. 

If required, surgical appointments are made straight after consultations. The consultant will give you a letter to hand in at the main reception, and staff will organise this appointment with you there and then.

If you miss an appointment at the Minor Oral Surgery Department without prior warning, it is at the discretion of the consultant as to whether you are reappointed. 


If you have any questions regarding the Minor Oral Surgery Department, or would like to change your appointment, please contact the Outpatient Appointments Reception.

Outpatient Appointments Reception

Telephone:+44 1624 650103


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