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Blood Clinic

Where to find us

Due to the walk in service provided by the Phlebotomy Clinic, patients are asked to go to the main reception in the Minor Injuries and Illness Unit (MIU) and take a number. Patients are asked to then sit in the MIU waiting area until the call system displays their queue number. Patients should then follow the signs to the Blood Clinic. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am - 10am

Not open bank holidays

Requesting a blood test

The Phlebotomy Clinic operates a walk-in service, however patients must have a request form from a medical practitioner or have a test already ordered electronically on the ICE system. Doctors, consultants, nurses, midwifes and many other medical professionals can request for a patient to have blood tests.

Glucose Tolerance Tests (GTT) however, require an appointment.  These can be made through the main reception in the Minor Injuries and Illness Unit (MIU).

Telephone:+44 1624 811811 (general enquiries 24 hour line)

Email:Send Email

Preperation for a blood test

No special preparation is required for the majority of blood tests. 

However, Glucose Tolerance Tests (GTT) and Cholesterol Tests require patients to fast beforehand, as explained by the medical professional who requested the testing. For Glucose Tolerance Tests patients are required to not eat anything from midnight prior to their tests, and for Cholesterol Tests this is extended to 15 hours prior to bloods being taken. During these periods of fasting, patients must not consume anything other than water in order to prevent disrupting test results.

Children must apply Emla Cream, a numbing cream, 1 hour before the test is done. A prescription for Emla Cream will be provided by the medical professional who requested the blood test. Emla cream is available on request for Adults too.

Patients are asked to bring their request form to the clinic where it will be stamped by the receptionist.


All results are sent to the health care professional who requested the blood test.  These should be available within 3 to 4 days. Test results cannot be obtained from the Phlebotomy Clinic.

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