Stroke Care and Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)

COVID-19 - Advice to stroke patients

COVID-19 - Advice to stroke patients PDF version

Due to restrictions arising from the Covid 19 pandemic, we are changing the delivery of our services with the aim of reducing contact with each other and the risk of Covid-19 and preventing hospital admissions. Our focus, in this challenging time, is to provide services where the need is highest and ensure accurate monitoring of those services we are not able to provide to minimise the effect of this on people affected by stroke. 

With immediate effect: 
  1. All Stroke Review Outpatient Clinics will be delivered remotely. Your appointment time will still stand and you will be contacted by Gillian Horsey (Lead Nurse for Stroke) via telephone in your home number. If you are not going to be present or require contact on a different number please advise us of the same. 
  2. All home visits provided by Gillian Horsey will also be conducted by telephone. These may not be at the prearranged time and she will contact you. 
  3. Those who require to be seen in clinic will be brought into a special clinic, depending on clinic space availability. 
  4. Any medication concerns should be addressed to your primary care provider providing it is urgent. 
  5. Clinics led by Dr J Thomas, consultant physician, will be reduced in numbers. All follow-up patients are contacted by telephone on the day of their appointment and should not come into the hospital. New patients are seen if their medical condition needs urgent attention. If you are newly referred to Dr Thomas’ clinic and have not received a call to cancel your visit, kindly attend the clinic as instructed. In exceptional circumstances, a GP can request a home visit which will be undertaken at the earliest opportunity dependent on hospital emergencies.

In the subsequent weeks:

  • The hyper acute stroke service will reduce to 7.30am – 8pm seven
  • days a week.
  • Non disabling strokes and TIAs will be managed on an outpatient
  • basis unless unwell and requiring hospital admission.
  • The Lead Nurse for stroke will be available once a week on a
  • Wednesday to answer any questions or concerns +44 1624 650953 /

Risk for stroke survivors from Covid 19 

People who have had a stroke don’t have a greater risk of catching Covid-19 than anyone else. However, they do have an increased risk of severe illness if they get Covid-19.
Patients with stroke which has affected their swallowing or breathing muscles are considered to be at increased risk from COVID-19. We recommend self-isolation for these people. 
People who have had a stroke who are over the age of 70 or who have been identified as being in an at risk category should self-isolate as per government guidance
We understand this is an anxious time for people affected by stroke. Following government advice, you should continue with social isolation, regular hand hygiene and stay at home. 
If you require any help or support you can contact the stroke association on: 
Michelle Ferrer: +44 7624 399069 or 

COVID-19 - Advice on services to parkinsons patients

COVID-19 - Advice on services to parkinsons patients PDF version

The Isle of Man Parkinson’s Service is a multidisciplinary service led by Consultant, Dr John Thomas and supported Dr Muhammad Zafar (Staff Grade), Sue Lawley (Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist), Clare Collister (Occupational Therapist) and Graihagh Betteridge (Physiotherapist). 

Due to restrictions arising from the Covid 19 pandemic, we are changing the delivery of our service to avoid people leaving their homes, unless it is extremely important. 
With immediate effect:
  1.  All regular Parkinson’s outpatient clinics will be cancelled and instead, Sue Lawley will be contacting those patients who were due to attend the Parkinson’s clinic by phone to find out how they are. 
  2. Those who require to be seen in clinic will be brought into a special clinic, depending on clinic space availability. 
  3. Any change in medication will be dealt with by faxing the prescriptions to pharmacy. 
  4. Anyone with problems related to Parkinson’s, please phone Susan on +44 1624 642676 and she will try and return your call. 
  5. You can also contact the Parkinson’s Nurse via email on 
  6. Only contact your GP with a Parkinson’s related problem if it is urgent or you have had no reply from the Parkinson’s nurse within 5 working days. 
  7. All routine therapy outpatient appointments and home visits are suspended for the Community Adult Therapy Team but should your function worsen or an urgent functional problem arises please contact Clare or Graihagh on +44 1624 642511. 
Please be aware this advice may change depending on service capabilities.

Patients under the care of the Visiting Neurology Consultants

For the foreseeable future, Dr Bracewell and Dr Pietkiewicz will not be able to visit the Island. All non-emergency neurology services at the Walton Centre and all its satellite sites (including Noble’s) have been suspended. 

If you have Parkinson’s Disease or another form of parkinsonism and are under the care of Dr Bracewell or Dr Pietkiewicz, please contact Susan Lawley in the first instance if you require advice or support (as above). If required, Dr Bracewell, Dr Pietkiewicz (or the on call neurology consultant at the Walton Centre) will be happy to offer telephone advice to Dr Thomas and his team. 

If you think you are having a Stroke please dial 999

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Visiting hours

12pm (mid-day) to 8pm.

We would ask that if you are visiting during mealtimes, please either bring your meal to eat together or allow the patient to eat undisturbed. There may be times when visiting is restricted due to therapy, treatment or requirement to rest due to post stroke fatigue. Please do not be offended if this occurs it is to ensure maximum recovery from stroke.


Ward 7: +44 1624 650027

Senior Sister: +44 1624 650065


The hospital provides hyper acute, acute, rehabilitation, and follow up services for those people diagnosed with, or require assessment for stroke or TIA (transient ischaemic attack).

You may be refered too any of the following outpatient clinics:


Ward 7 is the combined stroke unit. Whilst you are an inpatient on Ward 7 you will have access to: 

  • the consultant and his team of doctors
  • nurses (including the stroke nurse)
  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • speech and language therapists
  • dieticians
  • neuropsychology

The ward provides comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for people diagnosed with or suspected of having a stroke.

There is a weekly team meeting which discusses your progress and develops an action plan for your future therapy and treatment.

The ward aims to make your stay and discharge as effective as possible, if you have any concerns or queries during your stay please do not hesitate to speak to any member of the team. We hope to ensure you are fully included in all your care and discharge decisions and actively encourage carer and family participation in the process.

For further discharge information please see our 'Your discharge from Nobles Hospital' page.

Additional support services

The stroke service at the hospital works very closely with patients, caregivers, their local representative body, The Manx Stroke Foundation the Isle of Man branch of the Stroke Association and Brush Strokes Art Group.