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Rheumatology Department

The Rheumatology Department at Noble's Hospital provides an outpatient service every week day. This is to facilitate patient’s access as well as respond to emergent needs of rheumatology patients. 

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Contact Details

Clinical Nurse Specialist Tel: +44 1624 650159
Secretary Tel: +44 1624 650138
Outpatient Appointments Tel: +44 1624 650103

The service is led by Dr. R Peshin (Specialist in Rheumatology/General Internal Medicine (GIM), and Sports Medicine), who has led a process of restructuring, and started services for which patients in the past needed to go to areas in the UK.

The service is supported by a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Staff Grade Doctor in Rheumatology/GIM, along with Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists. These along with other dedicated staff have developed patient focussed education sessions (ACTION Classes).

Rheumatology Services are largely run on an outpatient basis, but inpatient care beds are available in the Medical Division for patients who require acute interventions or in the event of a rheumatological emergency. The service provides an Early Arthritis Clinic, Biologic Clinic for patients on biological therapies, disease specific clinics, injection and infusion services.

In addition, we also provide an Osteoporosis Service both clinical as well as for dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scans, along with a fracture liaison service. We provide an Inpatient Rheumatology Referral service and work in a multidisciplinary manner with other medical and surgical specialities in Noble's Hospital. We also provide an educational, counselling and monitoring service for all rheumatology patients on the Isle of Man.

The Rheumatology Department is located in the Day Assessment Treatment Unit (DATU). All our services are located at 'one point of care', which is an effective and efficient use of resources. It also allows for availability of senior rheumatological input at all times, and on site.

We maintain strong links with the Mersey Deanery - the visiting Professor who attends quarterly, allows us to maintain a vital link with the UK, management of difficult cases, as well as providing Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD,) and continual development of the department, so that we can provide a best practice rheumatology service for all patients on the Isle of Man.

We endeavour to provide an effective, dynamic and best practice service, and continue to improve services as the need arises with the latest investigations, therapies and management protocols. Our friendly and dedicated team in DATU are always willing to listen to patients and adopt changes that best serve their needs.

Local Societies

Arthritis Care Ellan Vannin

Tel: +44 1624 852664 (Office) 

Isle of Man Group

Tel: +44 1624 676694

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