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Private patients

Private Patients

Private healthcare on the Isle of Man is currently under review with the intention of restructuring and improving the offering available to private patients.  As part of this project the private patient unit is currently closed for refurbishment and any inpatient, day case and theatre activity is suspended. A statement issued by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) at the beginning of this project is available online.

During this suspension period it is still possible to obtain some private healthcare services at Nobles Hospital such as:

  • outpatient consultations
  • minor procedures
  • diagnostic testing
  • pathology (blood tests and other lab services)
  • radiology (x-rays and scans)
  • endoscopy (tests requiring internal scope examinations)
  • cardio-respiratory tests (Electrocardiogram ECG, Echocardiogram and other tests)

Finding a consultant

The first point of call will be to discuss your requirements with your GP. They can advise on which speciality you need to see and may be able to offer relevant advice based on the specific clinical requirements of your individual circumstances. If you have private health insurance your insurer may also be able to offer advice on Consultants approved by them. Once you have selected the Consultant you wish to see you will need to ask your GP for a private referral to that Consultant. This referral will include the basic information and medical history a Consultant requires before a consultation can be confirmed.

To discuss an appointment with a private consultant working at Nobles Hospital, please refer to the contact information on the list of Private Consultants at Nobles Hospital; a link is available on this page for your convenience.


Separate invoices will be issued for the hospital charges, Consultant’s professional fees and any specialist fees (Radiologist, Anaesthetist, Pathologist etc). 

Please contact your Consultant’s private secretary to ask about the Consultant’s fees. The private secretary will be able to advise you on any additional specialists that may be involved in your case and who you should contact to obtain estimates of their charges. Estimates of hospital charges relating to your treatment can be requested by sending an email to

All invoices are sent to the patient (or parent or guardian in the case of minors) and it is the patient’s responsibility to forward the invoices to their insurer. Currently we do not have access to Private Health Insurer portals, although this is expected to be addressed as part of the project restructuring private healthcare services.

For further financial information relating to your private healthcare, please read the financial information leaflet available on the link below.

For more information and enquires please contact:

Private Patient Services

Noble's Hospital



Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 650260

Email:Send Email

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