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Patient Experience feedback data

Noble’s Hospital has been engaged in gathering patient experience feedback from up to 150 patients a month, since 2011. Recently the contract with Test Your Care expired and we have designed our own in-house system which is now being used. The questions utilised are from the UK’s Care and Quality Commissions (CQC) - National Audit. Areas that were not previously involved, such as Maternity are now also included within the Patient Experience Survey.

The Results

The feedback collected will demonstrate how our Hospitals are performing in meeting the needs of our patients around aspects of care such as cleanliness, patient involvement, nutritional support, pain management and discharge planning. This will help us as an organisation to target the areas requiring improvement.

90% and above compliance is the target in all areas. Improvement plans and measured actions are required by areas that fall below this level. Continuous monitoring of outcomes is reported monthly to the Hospital Management Team and the Patient Experience Committee.

How do we gather the results?

Patients are asked if they would like to complete the Patient Experience Survey on discharge. These responses are used to generate a report which will highlight how well individual areas are doing in achieving their monthly targets. This is then compiled into an overall report which will be published monthly and is available to download on this page.

Further information

If you would like further information please contact Wendy Spiers, Senior Nurse Patient Safety & Quality on +44 1624 650412 or email

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