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ThPathologye Pathology Department at Nobles Hospital provides a range of routine services which includes an independent Blood Transfusion Service, Chemical Pathology, Haematology, Serology, Microbiology, Histology and a Cervical Cytology Screening Programme.

Contact Details

Blood Clinic hours are:

  • Mon-Thurs - 08:00 to 16:00
  • Fridays - 08:30 to 13:00

There is a 24hr telephone facility to book appointments only, the telephone number is +44 1624 650415

The appointment will be picked up by Blood Clinic staff the next morning. Please note that the Blood Clinic is located in the General Outpatient Department of Noble's Hospital on the ground floor.

An emergency service operates outside these times and provides essential testing for emergency admissions to Noble's Hospital.

DepartmentTelephone number
Blood Donors +44 1624 650637
Blood Clinic (24 hour appointment booking) +44 1624 650415
Blood Transfusion +44 1624 650630
Chemical Pathology +44 1624 650659
General Office +44 1624 650632
Haematology +44 1624 650626
Histology/Cytology +44 1624 650646
Microbiology +44 1624 650655
Immunoserology +44 1624 650623

There are 2 Consultant Pathologists leading a staff complement of 48 WTE. The Control of Infection Team operate a range of policies, including a rigorous MRSA screening programme. The Department of Genito-urinary Medicine operates within the Sexual Health strategy.

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