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Orthopaedic (Trauma) Ward

Orthopaedic Wards – Wards 11 +12

Ward 11 focuses on the management of patients with traumatic injuries and urgent orthopaedic conditions requiring in-patient care. Whilst Ward 12 focuses on elective orthopaedic surgery cases.

COVID-19 - Advice to orthopaedic and trauma patients

COVID-19 - Advice to orthopaedic and trauma patients PDF version

The following advice is based on the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) standards of trauma guidelines published on the 24 of March 2020 and clinical guide for the management of trauma and orthopaedic patients during the coronavirus pandemic NHS Specialty Guides published on the 16th of March 2020. 

The BOA supports reasoned pragmatic decision-making in these extraordinary circumstances, and acknowledges that non-operative management of many injuries and reduced face to face follow up will be increasingly the norm. 

General advice to all patients:

  • Please maintain social distancing 
  • Please follow the strict principles of hand hygiene 
  • Please avoid all unnecessary travel/movements

Management of patients with traumatic injuries and urgent orthopaedic conditions treated as outpatients 

  1. Fracture clinics are held in Noble’s hospital in the Surgical Outpatient Suite A until further notice. 
  2. Patients will be diverted to Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) at Ramsey by Emergency Department when suitable. 
  3. MIU at Ramsey will be supervised by Senior Orthopaedic surgeons and advice/help will be available at all times. 
  4. Use of removable casts/splints will be maximised to reduce follow - up requirements. 
  5. Follow-up appointments should be delivered by telephone or video call if at all possible. Existing appointments may be cancelled, postponed or conducted remotely. 
  6. Rehabilitation services are likely to be very limited. Alternative resources such as written and web-based information will be used instead. 
  7. All staff will use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in line with the most recent Public Health guidance.

Management of patients with traumatic injuries and urgent orthopaedic conditions requiring inpatient care 

  1. Patients should only be admitted to hospital if there is no alternative. 
  2. Major trauma patients will be treated in line with our Major Trauma Network Policy in conjunction with Aintree Hospital, UK. Decisions regarding patient transfer will be made on the merit of patient needs and appraisal of available resources. 
  3. The care of patients with hip and femoral fractures will remain a surgical priority. 
  4. Where possible, non-operative treatment and removable splints will be offered for injuries to avoid surgery in order to reduce inpatient stay and exposure to coronavirus. 
  5. It is recognised that some patients might require later reconstructive surgeries for injuries treated non-operatively in the current situation. 
  6. All efforts will be made to provide day-case treatment for injuries requiring surgery, minimising hospital stay. 
  7. Absorbable stitch material will be used where possible for all surgical sites to minimise need for appointment to remove stitches. Patients should be aware of a small risk of mild inflammatory reaction to the sutures. 
  8. Rehabilitation services are likely to be very limited. Alternative resources such as written and web-based information will be used instead.

Advice for patients with chronic painful arthritis of the hip and knee 

All are advised to follow principles of a healthy diet and exercise where possible. It is recommended to use safe pain relief medication, weight loss and modification of regular activities to limit the symptoms of arthritic aches and pains. 
For more information and evidence based advices please visit the NHS website

Advice for patients with chronic back pain 

All are advised to use safe pain relief medication and exercise where possible. 
For more information please visit the NHS website.

Areas covered by Ward 11 are all trauma admissions through A&E. This includes a variety of ages from 16 years upwards. We also cover a wide range of elective Ear, Nose and Throat procedures on Ward 11.

As the road racing capital of the world the Isle of Man hosts the world famous TT races and the Manx GP. This means that for 4 weeks a year Ward 11 deals with a large intake of high velocity injuries from both racers and visitors alike.

The wards keep up to date with education and staff development and have opportunities to pursue a vast range of courses and workshops both on and off the Island. This ensures all patients are treated by caring staff from consultants to health care assistants who are up to date with all the latest developments in nursing orthopaedic and trauma patients.

We have dedicated physiotherapists who hold post op clinics and also rehabilitate the patients on both the elective and trauma wards.

Specific information for visitors

Ward 11 is pleased to be participating in the Productive Ward which is helping to reduce waste and promoting best care for their patients.

Patients and visitors/carers are actively encouraged to participate in care while in the hospital and with discharge arrangements.

The average length of stay on Ward 11 is 7 to 10 days for major trauma.

Mobile phones are permitted on the ward and there is also a mobile phone for incoming calls that can be taken to the patient's bedside. Three meals a day are provided. Snacks such as sandwiches, cereal, toast and biscuits are available on request at any time. We do not have facilities for storing food therefore perishable and home cooked foodstuff are discouraged.

We would appreciate if patients had fruit, books etc as opposed to flowers as on a number of occasion's flowers have had to be removed due to the increased number of patients/staff who suffer from hay fever and have allergies. Also there is the risk of pseudomonas (found in vases with cut flowers).

Essential items for family/carer to bring in are toiletries, night wear, loose day clothes and sensible shoes. A list of current medication is also helpful.

Public contact details

Senior sister - wards 11 and 12

Telephone:+44 1624 650248

Ward 11 nursing station

Telephone:+44 1624 650031

Patients mobile phone (incoming calls only)

Telephone:+44 1624 651370

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