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Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service

Macmillan Cancer CentreThe Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Service (MCISS) has provided support to anyone affected by cancer for over 15 years so if you, or a relative or friend, or are a carer of someone with cancer, or a health professional, we're here to help you.

MCISS has been developed as a partnership between Macmillan Cancer Support and Noble's Hospital and is based in the main reception area of Noble's Hospital. This drop-in service is available 9:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday (exluding bank holidays).

You can call in for a brief visit to browse and select literature relating to cancer, or you can drop in and chat to one of our trained volunteers for as long as you need to. If you are unable to attend Noble’s Hospital, you can always give us a call on the number below and we will post information to you.

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What the MCISS offers

  • A place to talk about the issues that can affect you or your family, relatives, or friends when facing cancer

  • Provision of information relating to the wider issues of cancer, such as financial benefits, off-Island travel and travel insurance, hair loss and haircare

  • The LookAhead service, providing advice and support for people experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment

  • Provision of literature including leaflets, books, and videos on specific cancer types, including wider issues encountered when living with cancer such as breathlessness and fatigue

  • Provision of literature to health care professionals who wish to learn more about a specific cancer topic


The MCISS regained a prestigious national quality award in April 2022. The Macmillan Quality Environment Mark (MQEM) was awarded in recognition of the service’s continued commitment to offering excellent services in the following areas:

  • Welcoming and accessible to all
  • Respectful of people's privacy and dignity
  • Supportive to users' comfort and well-being
  • Giving choice and control to people using the service
  • Listening to the voice of the user

How we can help

  • We are here for you at any stage in your treatment and care; you don't have to be a patient to make use of our service

  • Our service is free and can be used as many times as you need for information and support

  • Many of our volunteers have experienced a diagnosis of cancer in their family, giving them the experience to listen and empathise as well as assist you in accessing useful resources

  • Patients, relatives, and friends at times feel overwhelmed by the information they receive in the clinic. Our service exists to help those who wish to find out more information on a chosen cancer topic

What people ask us

The questions you will have about living with cancer or being treated in hospital don't always come to you during your appointments. The MCISS is there for you to use when the time is right for you.

Questions you might have include the following:

  • Can I find out more about the type of cancer I have?

  • I'm going in to see my consultant, what should I ask?

  • The things that matter most to me seem trivial. How can I bring up these questions?

  • I'm worried about travelling across for treatment. Who should I talk to?

  • Where can I get reliable information on the internet about my cancer?

  • Do I qualify for benefits?

  • Who can help me cope with my feelings? I am afraid to burden my family

  • What other support is available to people affected by cancer on the Isle of Man

  • Will I always feel so tired?

  • Can you provide me with information on complementary therapies?

  • I'm going on holiday, but my cancer diagnosis means I'm having problems getting travel insurance. Do you know any companies that will cover me?

  • I want to read more about other people's experiences of cancer, can you provide this literature?
Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Service

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Telephone:+44 1624 650735

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