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Donations to Noble′s Hospital

The Trusts were formed in 2006 to administer the large number of donations and legacies made during the lifetime of the hospital on theWestmoreland Road site. Many of these funds were of relatively small sums and it was thought that by bringing them together in three groups, more efficient use could be made of the money whilst at the same time meeting the wishes of the donors. All of the Noble’s Hospital Trusts are registered charities.

Your donated monies are kept separate from the day-to-day Government funding and are used to improve the environment and services for all patients and staff of Noble’s Hospital in a manner that may not necessarily be achieved using tax payer’s money.

With this ethos in mind, individual Wards and Departments do not have specific charitable funds but draw their funding from the three CharitableTrusts listed in this leaflet.

This allows greater flexibility and access by all the Wards and Departments and ensures your donations are held and administered in a fair and safe way.

There are three separate charities, one for each area of spending that is most appropriate to improve the environment and services in Noble’s Hospital.

How can you donate?

In order to comply with the Charities Act, may we draw your attention to the following information:

1. Please ensure the donation is given to an authorised officer of Noble’s Hospital – these employees are listed below

2. With your donation, we would appreciate you providing the following information:

    • The fund to which you wish to donate
      • Education
      • Equipment
      • Patients' Comfort

    • Your name and address
    • If donated in memoriam, the name of the person it is in memory of 

3. Cheques should be made payable to: Noble’s Hospital (Name of Fund) Trust e.g. Noble’s Hospital Education Trust

4. Please ensure you obtain an official charitable fund receipt from the Hospital

5. Correspondence and donations by post should be sent to:

Noble's Hospital Charitable Trusts

Management Department



Isle of Man


Email:Send Email

The following authorised officers and department can accept your donation:

  • Ward and Departments Staff

  • Ward Clerk (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

  • Ward Sister / Departmental Manager

  • Senior Staff Nurse / Deputy Manager

You can alternatively hand in your donation (between 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday) at the Reception Area.

For further information and methods of donating, please download the Noble's Trusts leaflet from 'Downloadable Documents' section.

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