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COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Updated on 31 December 2021

Like all maternity units across Europe, the Isle of Man Women, Children’s and Family Care Group have considered the implications of COVID-19 and how this may affect the women and babies that they care for.    

Whilst the Women, Children’s and Family Care Group aim to maintain a full service, this may not be possible at all times our priority is to ensure the safety of mothers and babies.    

As a result, interim measures have been introduced and pregnant women will be contacted in writing to advise them of these changes. 

These measures aim to reduce:  

  • the number of visits to Nobles hospital during COVID-19 
  • face to face contact with healthcare professionals 
  • the time you will need to spend in waiting areas with other patients 
  • the length of time you stay in hospital following delivery.   

Also see: COVID-19 Pregnancy frequently asked questions    

Initial consultation  

This initial appointment is to gather information about you, your current pregnancy, to discuss any previous pregnancies and to consider any other prior health conditions or concerns.

During this appointment the Maternity team will check your: 

  • height 
  • weight 
  • blood pressure 

A urine sample and blood test will also be undertaken. 

Obstetric Team  

  • Following your initial consultation you will be given an appointment to attend the consultant clinic to see one of the obstetric team and plan your care for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Antenatal appointments and 
Follow up antenatal appointments

  • During your appointment the midwife will check your blood pressure, check your urine sample and measure the size of the uterus. The majority of these appointments will take place with your community midwife.

If you are referred for a  
Growth scan 

  • Following your scan you will be reviewed by a member of the team, the results of the scan and an ongoing care plan will be discussed with you.

Who can attend an ultrasound? 

  • Only one person will be allowed to attend with a mother at the time of ultrasound scan. 

Unwell or Illness during pregnancy 

Unwell for your 20 week scan - postponed for a period of 14 days after the end of any acute illness.  

Please telephone for advice before attending your scheduled appointment.   

  • If unwell at for the dating scan or the 20 week scan.   
  • Plans are in place to provide an alternative date for this to be undertaken. 
  • Unwell at the time of your dating scan and wish to have screening for chromosomal problems.   A new date would be booked based on a blood test to be undertaken between 16-20 weeks gestation. 

Women in Labour or delivery by Caesarean Section  

  • One birth partner can be present during the birth. They will also be able to return to the postnatal ward with the mum and baby for a short period of time after.

Visitors to Jane Crookall Maternity Ward 

  • Your birth partner will be permitted to visit the Jane Crookall Maternity Wing between 10am and 8pm each day.

Birth - Returning home after delivery  


  • A six hour discharge process is considered for those mothers who meet a set criteria and we continue to encourage early postnatal discharge where appropriate.
  • This would mean that after delivery, mothers could return home, rather than remaining in hospital.

Discharge and follow up appointments 

  • New mums will receive a telephone call from the community midwife the day after they are discharged home and then care is at the community postnatal clinics.

Postnatal Clinic Appointments 

  • These will be held North, South and centrally in Douglas.

If you have any queries about the changes proposed, could you in the first instance address them to your Midwife who will hopefully be able to answer your questions. 

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