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Cardiac Service

Cardiac services in Noble's hospital are currently led by Consultant Physician/Cardiologist, Dr J Tibitanzl and his team comprising of Staff Grade Doctor, Specialist Cardiac Nurses and Physiologists. For the size of island population Noble's hospital provides general cardiology services together with wide range of non-invasive investigations.

The services are divided into outpatients and inpatients activities:

Outpatients activities:

  • General Cardiology Clinics
  • Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinics 
  • and clinics for rapid access of patients with suspicious heart failure or arrhythmias 

The clinics are led by the Consultant and/or Staff Grade with the input of supervised Specialist Cardiac Nurses (Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinics, Heart Failure Clinics). There is a regular Pacemaker Follow up clinic run by physiologists and supervised by consultant cardiologist. Also, regular follow up of patients with complex pacing devices (defibrillators, biventricular pacemakers) is currently provided by visiting a consultant cardiologist from Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital (LHCH).

Cardiac tests and procedures in Nobles hospital are predominantly focused on non-invasive cardiology with a wide range of tests:

The majority of tests are done within Cardiorespiratory Unit (CRU) that is strategically located close to Medical Outpatients hence this allows an easy access to all tests. Certain procedures (Transoesophageal echocardiography, DC cardioversions visual example) are realised in Coronary Care Unit as day cases.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is provided on behalf of the Consultant cardiologist by a team headed by a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cardiology & Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. The team is multidisciplinary and also includes a nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietician and pharmacist. They provide exercise, education and psychological support/stress management for people who have had a variety of cardiac events. They have close links with Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital in order to provide rehabilitation to patients who have had treatment in Liverpool in a timely manner. The aim of the programme is to reduce their risk of subsequent cardiac problems and to promote their return to a full and normal life.

The main tertiary centre in terms of cardiac care is Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital (LHCH) The patients are referred either as outpatients or inpatients. Inpatients transfers are provided with well organised Air Ambulance Service from Ronaldsway airport.

Nobles hospital and its management is committed to improve quality of care of cardiac patients on the island.

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