Your treatment and care

Your care is provided by a clinical team led by the Consultant in charge of your treatment. This team also includes your named nurse(s), junior doctors, and other support staff.

The Ward Manager is responsible for the staff delivering your nursing care and manages the ward environment, liaising closely with your Consultant-led clinical team.

There are many other staff, for example, domestic, catering and portering staff to name but a few, who are vital members of the hospital team. All are dedicated to your care whilst you are in hospital. 

We are all dedicated to working cohesively together for your benefit whilst you are in our hospital.

Your consent to treatment

Your doctor and members of your care team will be pleased to share with you information relating to your illness and will be pleased to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to ask your doctor or named nurse if you want to know anything about your illness whilst you are in our care at Noble's. Before you have a procedure or an operation carried out, the doctor is required to give you a full explanation and to outline the risks. He/she will check that you understand what is being said. If you don't understand, please ask the doctor to explain again. He/she will then ask you to sign a consent form, indicating your agreement to proceed. If you are a child or a young person over 16 years of age and can demonstrate a full understanding of what is being said, you may sign your own consent form. Information leaflets about consent are available for you to read on your ward. You are welcome to take any of the following:

  • Noble's Hospital - Consent - A guide for adults
  • Noble's Hospital - Consent - A guide for children and young people
  • Noble's Hospital - Consent - A guide for parents
  • Noble's Hospital - Consent - A guide for relatives and their carers

If you need assistance please ask your named nurse.

What you can expect from us

We are committed to providing high quality health services that meet your needs. We want you to know what you can expect from us:

  • a prompt, courteous and considerate service
  • to be addressed as you wish
  • to receive adequate notice of your appointment or admission
  • to know the names of those people who are caring for you
  • to be kept informed of delays arising, for example, in respect of clinics, home visits or hospital treatments
  • to be informed about any treatment proposed and of the risks involved or of alternative treatments available before you decide whether you will agree (consent) to treatment
  • to be asked whether or not you are willing to take part in medical research or student training, and to be assured that your decision will not affect the care you receive
  • to be informed in timely fashion of your time of discharge or transfer so that arrangements can be made for your return home and, if necessary, for your continuing care
  • to be treated in clean and comfortable surroundings
  • for your opinions about the care you receive to be listened to and respected
  • for any complaint you make to receive respectful and prompt attention
  • to have access to your health records