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Hearing Assessments

child hearing test

We will ask you some questions about your child’s hearing, medical history and any family history of hearing problems. Depending on your child’s age we will try to test their hearing by getting them to respond to sound in some way.

There are several different tests your child may undergo depending on their age and stage of development. Not all children will have the concentration to sit still for long periods of time so many of the tests are play based to help maintain attention. It is therefore important that your child is awake.

The hearing test needs to be carried out in a quiet room, so if possible it may be better to attend with only the child to be tested. It is not possible to leave children unsupervised in the waiting area but they are welcome to wait there if they are accompanied by an adult.

We will also look in your child’s ears and we may do some other tests if required. None of the tests are invasive and most children enjoy their visit with us.

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