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Hearing aids for children

There are different reasons why your child may require a hearing aid.

Some children have a permanent hearing loss and need one to enable them to hear and understand speech and everyday sounds.  Others may use a hearing aid for a short time while their hearing is reduced because of middle ear problems, such as ‘glue ear’.

Some children may have a very mild hearing loss or a loss in one ear which does not normally require any assistance, but have difficulties from time to time because of occasional middle ear problems, and wear a hearing aid until this resolves.

The hearing aid fitting process is designed to ensure that the hearing aids are fitted in a way that maximises your child’s ability to hear and understand speech comfortably in all of the different listening conditions they will experience.

By doing this, we can provide the most appropriate amplification to support your child in their communication with others, and the development of their speech and language skills.

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