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Tinnitus Support Group

The Audiology Department runs a very popular Tinnitus Support Group. The primary purpose of the group is to provide mutual support for people with tinnitus as well as their families. The support group is the only group on the Island affiliated and accredited by the British Tinnitus Association. There is always a Senior Clinical Audiologist present at the meetings to offer support and guidance.

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Tinnitus occurs where a person hears sounds, such as ringing or hissing or buzzing in the ear, when there is no external source. Most people learn to live with tinnitus, but it can often have a significant impact on day-to-day life.For example, it can affect concentration, cause sleep problems and depression.

Tinnitus Support Group

Speakers will be booked on a regular basis to talk about a topic of interest. The meetings usually take place in the The Manx Deaf Society, 3 Somerset Road, Woodbourne Road Lane, Isle of Man IM2 5AD. 

Details of meeting dates and times can be obtained from Tinnitus' website.

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