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Telephone:+44 1624 650000 (general enquiries 24 hour line, all calls to this number are recorded)

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Smoke Free DHSC Policy

The Department of Health and Social Care will launch their new smoke free policy starting 2021. All Island Hospital sites will be Proud to Be Smoke Free.
As of 1st April 2021 Smoking will no longer be permitted anywhere on the grounds of any Isle of Man Hospital.

For further information, advice regarding temporary abstinence from smoking whilst on DHSC premises or Specialist advice regarding quitting smoking please contact the Quit4You service by calling +44 1624 642404 or email

Hospitals Visiting Policy

Effective from 15 September 2023

We want to enable visiting as we believe it helps people recover and recognise that friends and family members are a vital support to patients.

We are re-introducing mask wearing and clinicians will be wearing masks in patient-facing settings.

Utmost care and consideration must be given to the safety of other patients, visitors and staff by maintaining infection prevention and control procedures at all times.

Religious and spiritual support is available for patients, either face-to-face or by telephone.

ALL VISITORS must report to the nurse’s station prior to visiting their relatives/friends.

Visiting times for Noble's and Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital and Manannan Court are outlined in the chart below.

Inpatient and Day Case areas

To minimise congestion in all areas, a maximum of 2 visitors per patient will be allowed at any one time on the Ward although additional visitors may be accommodated at the discretion of the Nurse in Charge in exceptional circumstances.

Outpatient areas including clinics and radiology

One visitor/escort per patient is permitted, one parent/escort per child will be permitted for the duration of the child’s stay in the Outpatient area.  A clinical decision must be made for any patient who requires additional assistance.

Ambulance Transfer

Escorts for patients arriving by Ambulance will be limited to one essential person.  Additional family members or friends wishing to travel to the hospital in their own transport should note that they will not be permitted to enter the Emergency Department as detailed below.

Emergency Department

One visitor/escort per patient is permitted. However, based on the clinical team’s judgment, other visitors/escorts may be permitted in exceptional circumstances.

One parent/escort per child will be permitted for the duration of the child’s stay in the Emergency Department.

Mortuary Department

Two 'essential visitors' will be permitted to the viewing facility within the Mortuary Department at Noble’s Hospital.

Mortuary viewing appointments to be arranged in accordance with the following process:

Please contact the Relatives Support Service (RSS) on +44 1624 650615. RSS typically operates between the hours of 8am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday

An appointment will be made for a mutually convenient time.

Viewing appointments will usually be arranged for Monday to Friday afternoons.

The RSS staff will meet the visitor(s) in the main reception area of Noble’s Hospital.

If requirements are met, a designated time will be agreed for the visit. The visitor(s) will need to bring a recognised form of photographic identification with them such as a passport or driving licence. 

Infection Prevention & Control Precautions

Do not visit someone in hospital if you have any of the following infections:

  • respiratory virus symptoms, including a common cold
  • diarrhoea and/or vomiting
  • other infectious diseases

You will not be permitted to enter either hospital unless agreed by the clinical team. Any visitor who attends the hospitals will be asked to leave if they have any of the infections described above.  An exception will apply for anyone needing emergency treatment. 

Hand Hygiene

All visitors are required to sanitise their hands on entry and exit to the hospitals, and again when entering and leaving wards and departments

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

You are not required to wear a mask when entering the hospitals; there are masks available for those who choose to wear one. Periodically, individual ward teams and visitors will be asked to wear masks on the advice of the infection prevention and control team.

Occasionally there may be extra infection prevention & control precautions required on individual wards or for individual patients. The staff from the ward will inform you if you need to wear PPE. Visitors should not remove their PPE whilst in the room AT ANY TIME. Staff will support you with the correct way to put on and take off your PPE.

Visitors are requested to wear the PPE that is recommended to minimise the risk of infection to our vulnerable patients, our staff and to protect you.

Nobles Hospital floor plan

Ward Visiting Times

If you do not know which Ward a friend or relative is on, please ring the hospital switchboard on 650000.

WardVisiting Times
Ward 1 – Acute Medical Assessment Ward +44 1624 650021 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm
Ward 2 – Surgical Ward +44 1624 650022 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm 
Ward 3 - Children's Ward

+44 1624 650023
Two parents can visit at any time

Maximum of another two visitors at any one time in addition to the parents between 3pm and 7pm
Ward 4 - Female Surgical & Gynaecology +44 1624 650024 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm
Ward 6 - Acute Medical Ward +44 1624 650026 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm 
Ward 7 - Stroke and TIA

+44 1624 650027
2pm to 4pm  

1pm to 8pm – for next of kin only or those who will be involved in the future direct care and support of the person affected by stroke (nb this will only apply whilst a patient is on Ward 7).

7pm to 8pm

+44 1624 650025
To protect our vulnerable patients whilst they undergo Oncology treatments, only one visitor/ escort per patient is permitted to attend the Oncology Day Unit.
Ward 8 - Surgical Ward +44 1624 650028 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm
Ward 9 - Acute Medical Ward +44 1624 650029 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm
Ward 10 -Jane Crookall Maternity Unit

+44 1624 650030
A maximum of 2 visitors (including birthing partners) per patient will be allowed at any one time on the Ward,

Birth partners are permitted onto the maternity unit between 10am and 8pm each day to enable them to spend time with their partner and new baby following the birth. They are requested to remain at their partner's bedside and not walk around or go on and off the unit.

All other visitors are only able to visit between 2pm and 4pm - subject to the maximum of 2 visitors (including birthing partners) at any one time being allowed on the ward.

Two birthing partners can accompany an expectant mum once she has transferred to the delivery suite and stay with her until her baby is born. Prior to this, only one support person is permitted to stay on the ward area.

If an expectant mum is having an elective caesarean section, because these are planned for during the day, the birthing partner can stay with her from the time they are admitted until the end of visiting time for birth partners (10 am to 8pm).

Siblings can also visit following prior arrangement with the Lead Midwife for one hour per day.

Ward 11 - Trauma & Orthopaedics +44 1624 650031 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm
Ward 12 – Elective Surgical Ward +44 1624 650032 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm
Ward 16 -Neonatal
+44 1624 650035
Two ‘essential visitors’ only per baby will be permitted on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). No restrictions on frequency or duration for these two visitors, but times with be arranged in consultation with the nurse in charge of the shift prior to visits.

No siblings can visit
Ward 17 -Intensive Care Unit

+44 1624 650036
2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm 
Ward 18 - Coronary Care Unit +44 1624 650037 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm
Martin Ward – Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital +44 1624 811960 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm
Harbour Suite -Manannan Court +44 1624 642962 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm
Glen Suite – Manannan Court +44 1624 642856 2pm to 4pm

7pm to 8pm 
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