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Emergency Department at Noble's Hospital

Emergency Department

Noble's Hospital



Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 650040

Noble's hospital provides a dedicated 24-hour Emergency Department service for people who live or are visiting the Isle of Man.

All patients are assessed by a nurse using the triage system and will then be seen by clinical priority. Understandably, the more serious injuries or illnesses are treated first. See video below for more detail.  

Patient Journey Chart

When to use

The function of the Emergency Department is to treat patients who have either suffered a serious injury or accident, or, who are suffering from a sudden and serious illness or condition.

Anyone suffering from the conditions listed below please go straight to Emergency Department or call an ambulance by dialling 999:

  • suspected heart attack
  • chest pain
  • stroke and transient ischaemic attack (TIA)
  • unconsciousness
  • heavy blood loss
  • suspected broken bones
  • deep wounds such as stab wounds
  • severe breathing difficulties
  • head injury

When not to use

  • coughs and colds - best stay at home or see local pharmacist
  • old injuries or joint problems - best seen by your GP, at least initially
  • queries about medication - best dealt with by your GP
  • toothache - best seen by a dentist
  • to get a 'second opinion' rather than using the GP service
  • attend because you can't get a GP appointment until the next day

Please see related links for alternative sources of care if you have a non-urgent medical condition; 

  • GP - If you feel your health problem cannot wait until the next available appointment, insist on at least speaking to a healthcare professional in your surgery. You should not be directed away to other services by non-clinical staff
  • MEDS
  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency Dental Service
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