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Giving Blood

Save a life by giving blood - become a donor

Blood drop

The Isle of Man Blood Transfusion Service (IOMBTS) is the specialist provider of safe, high quality blood products and services on the Isle of Man.

Our key priority is to ensure that the Island has enough blood to meet the transfusion needs of Manx Care's patients and service users.
We make sure that blood is available when patients need it.

Many people would not be alive today without the generosity of our donors. On behalf of the Isle of Man Blood Transfusion Service, we thank you for your interest in donating.

Journey of Donated Blood

Blood bags hanging from hooks during plasma and red blood cell processing

Step 1 - Processing

The blood you give is taken directly to our nearest processing and testing laboratory at Noble's Hospital, where it is separated into two components - red blood cells and plasma. The Isle of Man Blood Transfusion Service only manufactures red blood cells as a final usable product. IOMBTS produces approximately 1,250 red cell units per year, all of which stay on Island and serve the population of the Isle of Man.

Blood tubes within tray labelled blood transfusion

Step 2 - Testing

We then test all donations for viruses such as HIV and hepatitis, which can be passed from donor to patient. It's rare for a donation to test positive, but if it does, we contact the donor as soon as possible and offer confidential advice. However, if everything is in order, we label your donation and send it out for use at Noble's Hospital Blood Transfusion Laboratory.

O negative blood bags stored in refrigerator drawer

Step 3 - Storing

Blood must be available 24/7 across the Island and has a shelf life of 35 days. Your donation will be stored between 2°C - 6°C to ensure it is safe for recipients. Careful management of hospital stocks and rapid, frequent delivery systems are essential for maximising the use of blood.

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