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COVID-19 Update

Until further notice, during lockdown periods, blood donation sessions will run from the Jubilee Suite, Westmoreland Road, Douglas.

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Many people would not be alive today without the generosity of our donors – on behalf of the blood donor service we thank you for your interest in donating.

During COVID-19

People should continue to keep giving blood as normal during the coronavirus pandemic. Sessions are continuing in order to maintain supplies, with enhanced safety measures in place to protect donors and staff.

Donations are needed to treat patients in a range of situations, including those involved in accidents and women who experience complications during pregnancy.

Scientific research indicates that there is no evidence of coronavirus being transmitted through blood donation.

Donors in the Island are being encouraged to keep their appointments and continue to play their part in saving lives and maintaining the health of the nation.
It is important for donors to attend at their allotted appointment times, as turning up too early can cause problems with social distancing.

Enhanced hygiene protocols are in place at the Jubilee Suite, including additional triage assessment, handwashing and cleaning of surfaces, while waiting areas are set up to reduce queues and adhere to the two-metre distancing rules.

Only those who have not been told to isolate, who are well and who do not present with any coronavirus symptoms will be invited to enter the donor suite to give blood.

For further information contact +44 1624 650637

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