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Registering with a General Practitioner

Medical services are provided to residents as long as the GP Practice list of patients is ‘Open’ and the patient is either permanently or temporarily resident away from their normal place of residence and is not being provided with essential services (or their equivalent) under any other arrangement in the locality where they are temporarily residing; or moving from place to place and not for the time being resident in any place.

A person shall be regarded as temporarily resident in a place if, when they arrive in that place, they intend to stay there for more than 24 hours but not more than six months.

Patients need to complete a signed application (by the applicant or a person authorised by the applicant to sign on the applicant’s behalf).

Application forms are available online or you can ask at the practices reception desk, who will give you an application to go on a Doctor’s list to complete.

Patients will need to take the signed application to the General Practice nearest to their home address to apply to be considered as a patient on their list. The practice will require forms of identification to verify who you are, normally one would be a photo ID, either a passport or driving licence.

The practice will advise you that you have been registered and arrange a new patient medical appointment.

Essential and emergency care is provided by your GP Practice between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

The Manx Emergency Doctor Service (MEDS) operates when the surgery is closed. If you have a medical condition that is not life-threatening but cannot wait until the surgery is next open, you should telephone +44 1624 650355. The service is available from 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday, with 24-hour cover over weekends and bank holidays.

Accident and emergency/999 - At any time of the day, if you or someone else experience severe chest pain, pain radiating down left arm, unconscious/collapsed, head injury, bleeding profusely, weak and floppy with rash (especially a child), gasping for breath or suspected broken bones you should go to The Emergency Department at Noble’s Hospital or call 999 and request an ambulance.

Manx Care

Manx Care is responsible for ensuring you have access to all the services you need. For details of all primary care services on the island visit our Health and Wellbeing section.

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