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You can register with a GP Practice in the area in which you live.

Patients from the UK who are temporary resident (for example on holiday or working for a period less than 6 months) on the Island are able to register with a GP as a temporary resident. Patients can ask to register at their nearest GP Practice.

If you are unsure about which Practice is closest to you or you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact:

Primary Care Services

Manx Care

Crookall House

Demesne Road


Telephone:+44 1624 642694

Email:Send Email

The office opening hours for Primary Care Services are 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm.

Douglas and district

Onchan and district

Laxey and district

Ramsey and district


Peel and district

Ballasalla and district

Castletown and district

Port Erin, Port St Mary and district

Ways to contact your GP surgery to cancel an appointment

Finch Hill Health Centre

Email or via Patient Access.

Palatine Group Practice

Email; telephone +44 1624 623931; or via Patient Access.

Hailwood Medical Centre

Telephone +44 1624 686949 or via Patient Access.

Ballasalla Group Practice

Email or telephone +44 1624 823243.

Peel Medical Centre

Email; telephone +44 7624 468468 or +44 1624 686968; or via Patient Access.

Southern Group Practice

Telephone +44 1624 686979 or via Patient Access.

The Kensington Health Centre

Email or via Patient Access.

Castletown Medical Centre

Email or via Patient Access.

Snaefell Surgery Ltd

Email or via Patient Access.

Laxey Health Centre 

Email laxey&; telephone +44 1624 861350; or via Patient Access.

Village Walk Health Centre

Email laxey&; telephone +44 1624 656020; or via Patient Access.

Ramsey Group Practice

Email or via Patient Access.

Practice nursing

Each GP surgery/health centre on the Isle of Man has at least 2 practice nurses in their Primary Care Team. These are experienced nurses performing a full range of procedures and healthcare, from chronic disease management to childhood immunisation programmes.

They are employed directly by the GPs but enjoy the benefits of working for the NHS. Some practice nurses have specialities such as Midwifery, respiratory medicine and some are nurse prescribers. They have representation on many nursing forums and access the excellent educational opportunities that are widely available on the Island.

This is necessary as a good general basis of learning is required to keep up to date with current practices, management and medicines. They have a good relationship with the rest of the Primary Care team and community nursing and have good communicative links with Noble's hospital.

Making a complaint about a GP

Any complaint about a GP should in the first instance be made in writing to 'The Complaints Manager' at the GP Practice where the GP works. The complaint will be fully investigated and the outcome communicated to the patient. Information about what to do should the patient not be satisfied will be communicated by the Practice when advising the patient of the outcome.

More information on making a complaint

Friends and Family Survey

Every time you visit your GP practice you are invited to take part in a short online survey. This is an anonymous survey and you are free to leave your comments about the practice in the space provided. The survey results are checked regularly and will be discussed with the GP Practice accordingly.

Current GP Vacancies

Details of current partnership vacancies, and for salaried GPs, can be found on the GP Vacancies page.

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