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Mrs Michele Moroney
Consultant Gynaecologist with a specialist interest in Fertility

Mr Tarun Ghosh
Consultant Gynaecologist with a specialist interest in Laparoscopic Surgery

Miss Rehana Zaman
Consultant Gynaecologist with a special interest in Colposcopy

Mr Suresh Pai
Associate Specialist in charge of Family Planning, Menstrual Dysfunction and Colposcopy

The team of Consultants and Associate Specialist are supported by a team of 8 Specialty Doctors.

Secretary Contact Numbers

Mr Ghosh and Miss Zaman
+44 1624 650332

Mr Divers and Mrs Moroney
+44 1624 650330

Mr Pai and the Colposcopy/Hysteroscopy Clinics
+44 1624650334

The Gynaecology Clinics are run on the following days:

Monday AM – Mrs Moroney
Monday PM – Miss Zaman (Ramsey Clinic)
Tuesday AM – Mr Ghosh
Wednesday PM – Mr Divers
Friday AM – (alternate weeks) Mr Ghosh and Miss Zaman

For Gynaecological Cancer Services, initial assessment happens locally. This is in liaison with the Specialist Unit at Liverpool Womens Hospital.

Specialist surgical treatment and radiotherapy is carried out at Liverpool Womens and Clatterbridge. Chemotherapy services are provided locally, along with post treatment follow up.

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