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Fertility Services

If you are finding it difficult to get pregnant, we might just be able to help you.  Our service is dedicated to trying to help people who are finding it difficult to get pregnant. Many people will have infertility problems and we understand how upsetting and stressful the experience can be. Our aim is to create a supportive and helpful environment.

What we can do for you

We can investigate your problem and identify the probable cause of your non-conception. In the majority of cases we can then go on to offer treatment.  Treatment modalities can often take place on the Island but for more specialised treatments such as IVF and the use of donor gametes we offer a satellite service linking with specialist fertility units in the UK.

Depending on your needs we can

  • Supply you with written and verbal information regarding your particular problem
  • Investigate the causes of infertility, for both men and women
  • Stimulate ovulation with fertility drugs
  • Perform surgery to rectify infertility problems
  • Offer satellite in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment services 

Our service standards

  • Couples will be seen in the most appropriate clinic to suit their needs
  • Waiting times in outpatient clinics will not exceed 30 minutes from the original appointment
  • Couples will be made aware of the staff caring for them
  • All couples will be given clear information of investigation and treatment options
  • All couples will be seen in a private and dignified environment
  • A diagnosis will be reached within four months of initial clinic appointment
  • Couples will be given clear information on funding limitations in cases where IVF is necessary
  • Patient satisfaction will be monitored annually through patient surveys

Where to find us

The Fertility Clinic is situated in the Women's and Children's Outpatients Department at Noble's Hospital. You should enter the Hospital through the main doors, walk through the atrium onto the main corridor and turn right. Women's and Children's Outpatients – Suite E is clearly sign-posted and is on the Ground Floor of the East Wing.

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