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Outpatient Physiotherapy Services

The outpatient service includes many different areas of the physiotherapy service.

All patients come in to either Noble's Hospital, or clinics in various locations around the island, to see the staff.

If you require transport in order to be able to attend your appointment, please contact the relevant departments' receptionist for this to be arranged. Please note that there is strict criteria surrounding transport requests and therefore some requests may be refused.

For further information contact the Outpatients Team:

Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 4.30pm
Telephone:  +44 1624 642158

Out-patient physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is now open to all GP referrals.

This service can only be accessed through the GP.

Orthopaedic outpatients

A physiotherapy service for patients who are under an orthopaedic consultant. This is for people who may have had operations or accidents involving their bones or joints.

Hand therapy

Hands therapy can treat many conditions including trauma recovery (fractures and soft tissue damage), degenerative and inflammatory arthritis, overuse injuries and following joint or plastic surgery (including tendon repairs and burns).

Women's health

The Women's Health Urogynaecology Physiotherapy Service is for women with bladder or prolapse symptoms including perineal and bladder problems after childbirth. This service aims to provide a sensitive and supportive service for patients with these symptoms.

Breast care

This service is for patients who have been affected by breast cancer and who have received breast surgery on the Island and in the UK. Patients will be seen following their operation in the hospital, and receive support for as long as necessary. The service aims to prevent long-term neck or shoulder problems as a result of scar tissue.


Assessment and ongoing rehabilitation for those patients who have undergone a limb amputation.

Long term oxygen therapy

Long Term Oxygen Therapy is the provision of oxygen therapy for continuous use at home, usually for 16 hours or more daily. Patients who meet the criteria for assessment can be referred by their Consultant or GP into the Long Term Oxygen Therapy Clinic.

Neurological long term conditions

To enable individuals to carry out activities of daily living that are important to them, as safely and as independently as possible.

We will help you to identify difficulties in your everyday life and try to find practical ways in which you can become more independent in these activities.

Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation

An Island wide service for patients with Coronary Heart Disease or who have undergone cardiac surgery and Patients with a formal diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Respiratory out patients

This service is for people who need support to better manage and understand their respiratory condition. It includes individually tailored treatment approaches and useful exercises.

Various groups

The Physiotherapy Service offers several different group experiences including pilates, cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation and total knee/hip replacement classes.

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