Renal Unit

COVID-19 - Advice to kidney and nephrology patients

COVID-19 - Advice to kidney patients PDF version

COVID-19 - Advice to nephrology patients PDF version

  1. Avoid contact with people who were tested positive for Coronavirus. 
  2. Avoid contact with adults/children who have fever, cough, muscle pain and fatigue. 
  3. Avoid contact with people who have recently returned home from abroad. 
  4. Avoid any un-necessary travel outside the Island. 
  5. Avoid events / places with large numbers of people. 
  6. Do not visit people in hospital or elderly persons in care homes. 
  7. Avoid un-necessary touching of surfaces, door handles, rails etc. 
  8. Follow good hand hygiene and avoid touching your face. 
  9. Clean surfaces at home regularly with disinfecting spray / wipes. 
  10. Use cough / sneeze etiquette (Catch it, Bin it and Kill it). 
  11. Haemodialysis patients - Please contact 650171 if you have fever, cough, muscle ache and fatigue. Community patients – Please contact 650170 if you have fever, cough, muscle ache and fatigue.
  12. Continue your medications as usual unless otherwise advised.

Renal Services provides the following:

  • Haemodialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Home visits
  • Community service
  • Hepatitis B vaccination programme
  • Pre and post transplant
  • Nephrology Clinic

Renal Services is situated on the ground floor, East Wing at Noble's Hospital.

The Renal Haemodialysis Unit cares for all dialysis patients on the Island. As well as providing dialysis services for the Isle of Man we also provide a holiday dialysis services, this is subject to availability.

Haemodialysis Service

Telephone:+44 1624 650171

There are 7 dialysis stations in the unit; this includes 1 in the isolation room. We are equipped with 9 Fresenius 4008 machines. These are maintained by technicians from the EBME department as well as being regularly serviced by Fresenius Medical Care.

Holiday patients

We offer holiday dialysis to patients when we can accommodate, as well as arrange holiday dialysis for our own patients both in the UK and abroad.

Community Service 

Community Service

Telephone:+44 1624 650170

The community service covers the whole Island and their patient caseload includes peritoneal dialysis patients, pre-dialysis patients, low clearance patients as well as pre and post transplant patients.

Patients are visited in their homes, in clinics at Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital, Southern Group Practice and on the Renal Unit at Noble's Hospital. There is a 24 hour answer phone for the community service, as well as a Renal Nurse on call outside of our operational hours.

We run a Hepatitis B vaccination clinic on a Thursday afternoon, and assist with the nephrology clinics on a Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Opening times

The unit is open from Monday to Saturday at the following times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 7.30am to 5.30pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 10.45am to 8.45pm.

Renal nurse on call outside of these hours

Where to report

There is a patient /visitor waiting area in the Renal Unit on the right hand side.

Visiting times

The visiting hours within the unit are flexible, but as this is an outpatients service and space is limited we try to limit the number of visitors by recommending family and close friends only. We encourage visitors to clean their hands with gel provided at the entrance to the unit and to leave their outside coats in the waiting area to reduce the risk of infection.

Renal Services Manager / Clinical Nurse Specialist

Telephone:+44 1624 650172

Renal Secretary

Telephone:+44 1624 650173